What is the New Currency?

What Is The New Currency

The new currency is based on contribution – a person’s contribution to life itself. You should understand that money (or the new currency) is not actually a reward for your service or contribution. It is more like a measurement. So your money at any time is supposed to be a valuation of your contribution at that time. However you have not received the financial instructions from us very clearly and so you have created a financial system that is based on a very limited world view – in particular the view that material is limited and that material contribution is most highly valued. You have found it hard to believe that material is unlimited and that there is much contribution that cannot currently be seen or measured.

The new system will change all of that. It will be based on infinite resources, by virtue of the unlimited creativity of human beings, which means you can create whatever material you currently lack. It will also be based on valuing both the seen and the unseen contributions of people. By this we do not only mean the selfless service millions of humans currently provide to their children and to the sick and other people who are suffering. We will truly measure your contribution to life itself.

So what will this look like?

Picture the universe as a vast field of waves like an ocean. Every movement, every ripple on the ocean, connects with and affects in some way every other part of the ocean.

If you pour some hot water into a cold ocean the heat merges with the cold water and warms it up, if only a little, and that warmer water merges with more cold water in a kind of chain reaction that lessens as you get further away from the source, but you can never find the true edge to the reaction. For in truth the movement changes the ocean forever and that change is eventually carried across the entire ocean in some form or other, although it will no longer be an increase in temperature.

So it is with human thoughts, feelings, actions and other vibrations. Every kind action sends a ripple of change across the universe that is unseen, apparently, by all but the recipient of the kindness, but in truth is seen by an infinite number of beings of which you are currently unaware – and that includes us, your friends who fuel your system of exchange that you call money.

It is not only actions, but every thought, every feeling is also a vibration and sends a wave across the universe, rippling out from your being on an infinite path of tiny changes that affect every particle of energy on their path, which in turn affect every other particle of energy. You are truly powerful beings but your current systems only allow you to experience a tiny part of your power.

Imagine if you could be paid for every kind or loving thought you have about another person or about life itself. And imagine if you had to pay for every unkind or angry thought that you send out, rippling its way across time and space in an endless journey.

Would you be in credit or debit now?

And imagine if you could cash in your ‘credit’ for material wealth. How much would you now be able to buy?

Okay, so let’s look at this in more detail, because this system is so beautifully simple that you will delight in understanding it better.

First of all let’s understand this notion of credit and debit – being paid or having to pay. Every vibration that emanates from your being (your entire combination of body, mind, heart and soul) is either life creative (lets call it life+ or life destructive (lets call it life_). You generally know very well, in theory at least, which is which. You can all agree that love is a life+ feeling, that anger is life_. You could make a list of words representing qualities of thoughts, actions and feelings, and accurately say which is life+ or life_. In fact many people have worked on describing your scale of consciousness which measures the degree of destruction/creation of all your major emotions and thought vibrations.

Each of these vibrations has its price – if you like – so each one can be represented in your vibrational bank account (VBA) with absolute accuracy and you will soon develop systems to describe it so it becomes more tangible to you.

Some of you understand the draw-down system better than others. Some of you manage your credits better than others. Some of you save it, often without realising, for the next lifetime. Some of you invest it wisely in this lifetime to help you increase your credit. Some of you are spendthrift and waste your credit, not making it work effectively for you. As above so below, only the system above is so simple and powerful that it makes your finances look impossibly complicated, limited and limiting.

Sarah McCrum, author of Love Money, Money Loves You


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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