What is Life Creating through You?

098. What Is Life Creating Through You

This is the most important question I’ve asked this year. It arose for the first time during the program I ran at the beginning of the year called “2017: Let’s Start It With Love”.

I knew from the beginning that 2017 would be a challenging year. But I also knew that it would be a year of very fast manifestation. What I wasn’t expecting is that we’re beginning to experience a new level of creativity I’ve never seen before.

This is not the usual creativity seen in the arts and business, but a creativity in life itself. It’s your life that can become a masterpiece – your great creation.

It satisfies every deep human urge to be creative. It answers the profound longing at our core to know ourselves as creative beings. It makes us feel totally aligned with our true self and our true purpose.

But it’s not a lonely type of creativity. It’s not you imposing your will on life. Nor is it you trying to suss out what life’s plan is for you, like a bizarre guessing game where you’re never quite sure if you’ve got it right.

This is about how you choose to show up in your life and how you choose to show up for life.

What are the choices that arise from deep within you, the true desires of your heart? And what is it that life is calling out from within you, your greater contribution that takes you beyond what you know and believe you’re capable of?

Can you imagine the power of combining both of those?

Can you imagine feeling creative at the core of who you are? Not because of what you’re creating in your life, but because of the life that is being created through you?

This is a life that combines your full power and experience as an individual human being and the power of life itself at the grand cosmic level. It asks you to show up fully as yourself, at the same time knowing that you’re part of the much greater whole.

It unites you with yourself and with life. It’s founded in love, because only love could create something as amazing as your life – and all of our lives. It’s the ultimate adventure – the adventure of life itself.

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