What Is An Energy Activation And How Does It Work?

What Is An Energy Activation And How Does It Work

Imagine for a moment that your life potential is a collection of seeds. There are many types of seeds and they all grow in slightly different conditions and take varying amounts of time to mature. Some of them are seeds of trees, some of tiny wild flowers. There are fruits, vegetables and herbs and many other plants as well.

The seeds of your potential are all held within your energy field or your consciousness – the garden of your life. Many of them are already growing but there are many more that haven’t germinated yet.

In order to grow the seeds of your greatest potential several tasks are required. First is to set up the conditions to germinate the seeds, ensuring they’re in the right environment to support their optimum growth. Second is to wait for them to push up their initial shoot, making sure they have space and won’t be choked by weeds. Third is to nurture them as they continue to grow, providing the optimum light, warmth, water and nutrients and preventing them from being destroyed by pests or disease.

The requirements of each plant may change during its life cycle, so you need to be able to respond to the different stages of growth and also know when to harvest the plant, if appropriate. Some of the plants will need care and attention throughout their life. Many of them will grow under their own steam, not needing any help from you.

You germinate the seeds of your potential by talking about your ideas, vision and wishes for the future. Paying attention to an idea or a dream gives life to it. It’s like watering a seed so it can soften and start the germination process.

You keep the growing shoot clear of weeds by preventing negativity and overthinking. A clear, efficient mind is like a well-weeded garden bed. It just needs regular, light maintenance to keep it that way.

You nurture the growing plant of your potential with light so it grows in the right direction; love, kindness, enjoyment and other good feelings to give it warmth and vibrancy; life energy, which is like water that makes it thrive from day to day; and people, ideas and action – the nutrients that make your potential thrive.

Sometimes other people want to destroy your dreams and vision – they are pests that need to be controlled or prevented from coming too close. Sometimes you get sick, physically or mentally, and your dreams become stunted, so keeping healthy is an absolute priority.

An energy activation is a way of supporting the growth of your potential. I run a live, online energy activation every day and this is how it works.

Every day I explore a topic. This is like germinating a seed of your potential. For example, the topic this morning was “How to disentangle yourself from other people’s emotions and energy”. As I explored the topic I was giving life to a new and better way of being – less entangled, more emotional and energetic integrity. It made your potential for integrity stronger – it activated it.

As you experience the activation your mind becomes clearer and you become more positive. You let go of over-thinking, so you’re clearing your garden of some of the weeds that could otherwise choke your potential.

As you become more connected during the energy activation, you naturally turn towards the light, just like a plant. You open up to your greatest potential and grow a little towards it every day, because the light becomes a less obscured by misunderstandings and lack of knowledge.

At the same time you’re relaxing and discovering how to feel really good. This gives warmth to the seeds of your potential and stimulates them to grow in an optimal environment. It’s very difficult to develop if you feel terrible all the time – so exploring how to to feel great is essential.

Being relaxed opens you to receive more life energy – the water of the entire system. It’s the essential fuel that makes everything else work. Without life energy (as a plant without water) the entire system fails.

When you feel good every day, you tend to repel negative people (the pests). You also become strong enough to resist the occasional attack, rising above their attempts to eat your dreams, suck your sap and stunt your growth.

Feeling good is also one of the most powerful ways of preventing illness. After all, if you feel great, you’ll never go to the doctor saying “I feel sick.” The more energy you put into feeling good, the healthier you become.

I find that people who take care of their energy on a daily basis rarely if ever get sick. They have less or no colds, flu and common viruses. They learn how to master pain so it no longer bothers them. They become healthier and healthier, just like plants growing in an ideal environment. They need very little or no intervention, because the growth is absolutely natural.

And the key to the entire system is patience. If you’re patient you don’t dig up the seed to see if it’s put its first root out. You know you have to wait and take it on trust that the seed will germinate by itself. If you’re patient you don’t expect your plant to produce fruit when it’s growing its first leaves. You’re not frustrated that it doesn’t flower in winter or that it takes 3 months or 30 years to become mature.

In the garden of life it’s necessary to trust that every seed of your potential has its own growth contained within it. You don’t need to to figure out every step because it’s going to grow anyway. Your job is to provide it with a great environment where it will thrive, surrounded by other plants in an ecosystem that makes for a rich and beautiful life.

My daily energy activations are designed to help you create that ideal environment efficiently, in 30 minutes a day. They combine relaxation, contemplation, vision, feeling great, light, life energy and sometimes some bonus seeds that you would never have dared to plant yourself because you can’t always see the extent of your own true potential.

The system I’ve created is a culmination of 28 years of research, intense training with Energy Masters and work with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world. It’s called Energy On Demand and it helps you to become the kind of person you dream of becoming – powerful, creative, prosperous, positive, loving, peaceful and influential, at work and at home.

Explore more energy activations at courses.sarahmccrum.com

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