What if you couldn’t brush your teeth today?

What If You Couldn’t Brush Your Teeth Today

Most of us would feel pretty uncomfortable if we couldn’t brush our teeth today. I know I would be constantly running my tongue around my teeth, eating raw carrots and trying to clean them as best I could without a toothbrush. So suppose you couldn’t brush your teeth for a week? Or a month? Or a year? It seems almost unthinkable in the 21st Century. I imagine that the smell and the dirt would be one of the most challenging parts of travelling backwards in time.

So let’s jump forward a few decades. With the discoveries of the last 20 years (and more) about how our energy determines our health, relationships, finances and all aspects of our material life I predict that we are going to become much more sensitive about how clean our energy is.

Having a cluttered energy field is like having a cluttered house, but worse. You can’t think straight. You can’t breathe easily. You can’t relax properly. There’s always stuff in the way, and that stuff shows up as emotions and negativity.

We are all connected energetically, and our energy sends ripples or waves of energy out from us, affecting everyone we are connected with. If we truly understand this simple fact we would want to do anything we could to prevent ourselves from sending out negative waves. And that means avoiding negative thoughts and negative emotions.

If we time-travelled from the future back to 2013, and got to feel the energetic field around most people, I guess it would be about as overpowering as meeting someone who hasn’t brushed their teeth for a year. Anger, disappointment, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, judgement, depression, shame, guilt…the list goes on and on. Much of it is held in or suppressed. Some of it is directed towards ourselves. A lot of it is directed at other people in the form of blame. And quite a lot of it escapes our mouths every day as we speak, especially to the people closest to us. How little control we really have when our energy is cluttered.

Of course, if it was as easy to clean our energy as it is to clean our teeth, for sure we would do it every day, just as we shower every day. Or would we? It’s not difficult to clean your energy and it’s much more rewarding than cleaning your teeth. Even 20 minutes makes a huge difference. It makes you more attractive, more relaxed and more lighthearted. It removes pain (which is caused by blocked energy), releases stress (which is also caused by blocked energy) and dissolves negative emotions (which, not surprisingly, are caused by blocked energy).

How do you do it?

You take time to do nothing and just be. You empty your mind. You relax. You don’t sit in front of the TV or read a book. You drop all the distractions that stop you from feeling anything. You spend time with yourself – and above all you receive energy.

This is a process needed by all human beings. It recharges your energy. It is easy, but it is an art. We need to learn it and practise it and master it. It cleans out old blocked energy and replaces it with new fresh energy.

If we don’t do it our energy gets a little bit dirtier every day and we become more and more stressed, emotional and disconnected. It’s not a nice feeling. If we do it we become more and more calm, relaxed and connected all day. We feel clean internally.

Some people clean their energy through daily meditation. Some people power nap. Some people spend time relaxing in nature. At Alkimea we do Relaxation Meditation and we do it every day, 7 days a week. Missing a day feels much worse to me than not brushing my teeth. It’s like having something dark and sticky attached to my body that I can’t get rid of.

One of the most enjoyable experiences in life is sitting, relaxing and feeling the flow of energy through your body. You can do it anywhere, once you know how. It’s easy to learn and easy to teach to others. It’s great to do it alone – and it’s far better to do it in a group.

I am quite sure that in the future we will see groups of people relaxing together all over the place. They will be smiling and happy because their energy will be clean. They will no longer be plagued by pent up emotions that have nowhere to go and no way of being released. And they will no longer release waves of negativity on their unsuspecting family, friends and colleagues at work. The smell of clean energy is truly better than the smell of toothpaste!


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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