What does a conscious relationship with money look like?

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Let’s start by looking at an unconscious relationship with money. What might that look like?

Ignoring it
Being afraid of losing it
Trying to hold onto it
Letting it slip through your hands too easily
Avoiding making financial decisions
Obsessing about your finances
Saying money isn’t important
Using money as the measure of your personal value
Never having enough of it
Not knowing what to do with it

These are all examples of behaviour that arises from an unconscious relationship with money. If you imagine I’m talking about a personal relationship it’s immediately obvious that none of these will help the relationship to thrive. 

Being conscious means taking responsibility for your choices. Being conscious in any relationship means you don’t take it for granted and you treat it with respect and love. You’re responsible for solving problems and improving it. You nurture it and support each other to be better people. 

There’s no cookie-cutter for consciousness. The way you develop a conscious relationship is by getting more conscious about it. This takes reflection, exploration and courage. It requires the willingness to question the way you are and the way you’d love to be. It calls you to be in touch with yourself, others and your environment. And above all, consciousness grows with deep listening.

So what might a conscious relationship with money look like?

Engaging with it
Appreciating it
Expressing your purpose through it
Taking full financial responsibility
Being light with it
Recognising how important it is
Valuing yourself and others as well as money
Making sure you always have enough or an abundance of it
Having a clear strategy for how you receive it and how you pass it on

You can add to this list, based on your exploration of the same question.  

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