What Could The Future Look Like?

If we want the world to become a better place to live it’s important to have some imagination about how it might look – otherwise other people with more imagination are likely to end up having the power to create a world we may not like.

I like to imagine some of the details about how we could live in the future, and I’m sure it’s better to share these images than to keep them to myself. Maybe someone will pick them up and help them to become reality.

So I’m going to share two of my visions here and encourage you to do your own imagining – and even to share your ideas too.

I can imagine a time when we will produce a very special kind of food which will be super-nutritious. Suppose you could pick an apple in the morning that had been grown with so much energy, love and intention that it contained all the nutrition you would need for the whole day, and of course it would be absolutely delicious as well. I’m sure this will become possible, as we enhance our abilities as human beings. The farmers who grow these fruits will feel they have one of the best jobs in the world and food will be much more highly valued.

When I’m in the city, surrounded by traffic and noise, I like to imagine all the roads being covered with grass because our vehicles will be skimming along above ground, silently. They will mostly be very small, just big enough for one person so there won’t be any waste of space. The public transport systems will also be silent and off the ground. The hedgerows in the country will be full of wildlife and fruit again as the environment becomes more friendly.

Do you have some image of the future you’d like to share? Please add it to the comments below.


  1. With the poor health outcomes of many current mainstream lifestyles, I imagine a future where people take better care of themselves. Communities will be free from chronic stress, obesity and drug dependency. Fresh food is produced in homes, public open spaces and farmers mimic the ecology of their local regions when growing crops, with more interaction directly with farmers when buying produce. Front yards and verges could be used to grow public gardens to produce fruit and vegetables for passers-by. I know of an elderly couple in Perth who currently grow a vegetable patch at the front of their property and have a sign inviting people to pick for themselves.

    1. Author

      That’s so cool, Dean. I’ll ask you to show me when I next come to Perth. One of the things I love about travelling in Slovenia and parts of Croatia is the way they grow their food there. It’s so much part of the landscape in every garden and it gives a feeling of abundance. It also acts as a relatively doable model- no doubt it will be modernised, but it’s organic and fits in spaces similar to what many of us have in other countries.

    1. Author

      I can’t wait, Clim! It’s hard to believe we’ve managed to create a system that dominates our cities to such an extent with noise, space, visual effect, pollution etc. of course the transport is great, but…

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