Waking Up with Money

I’m about to start the first Consciousness of Money retreat in a series we’re running in USA between now and the end of June. I’m sitting on a deck, surrounded by the vineyards of Napa Valley in California, preparing for another very special experience.

Every time I sit down with a group of people who sincerely want to open up their relationship with money and become more conscious about it, it turns out to be the most exquisite experience. I often reflect on the irony that going deep into the heart of the “root of all evil” has turned out to be such a beautiful exploration. Who would have imagined it?

Last week I recorded a couple of videos where I talk about my personal experience of developing my relationship with money and what it feels like, so I’d like to share those with you today. I apologise because the sound on the second one isn’t great but I think the message is worth sharing, all the same.

And the house in the background of the first video is where we’ll be holding the New York retreat. It’s overlooking the water in the most amazing location about 10 miles out of the city. You can see the view in the second video. It’s peaceful, beautiful and has great energy.

The Consciousness of Money

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