This Way For Organic Farming?

This Way For Organic Farming

Other people are already busy creating the world they want. But is it a world you will want to live in?

There is plenty of investment in science and technology and it will increase, but will it give us a world we will love? Where we will all thrive?

If not, what are we going to do about it? There’s not much point sitting around complaining about what’s wrong with the world. All that does is create more of what we don’t like.

The way to create change is to have a vision and move towards it.

One of the most important parts of my vision is food production. A couple of weeks ago I shared a vision of fruit that could be grown with so much energy, love and intention that they provide all the nutrition we need for a whole day. In the meantime, before we reach that level here’s another possibility.

Having worked on an organic farm for several years I know all too well that the biggest problem is weeding. There are some other very labour intensive tasks as well, including preparing soil and planting out seedlings. I personally love harvesting myself, but lots of people grow vegetables or fruit and then never get round to picking them.

I imagine in the future it will be easy to have a totally organic farming system because robots will be able to mimic the old-fashioned ways of farming (modernised, of course to some extent). I can see humanoid robots doing the weeding, picking off pests, doing companion planting or even running a permaculture farm.

The best bit is that farmers will not need to do the hard work. Their job will be to love their plants and love their customers – literally. I am absolutely sure that farmers will be some of the happiest and most enviable ‘workers’ of the future when they realise just how powerful they are. They will influence the energy of the food we eat more than anything else!

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