The Secret of Enjoyment

Who do you blame if you’re not enjoying yourself?

Your business because there’s so much to do?

Your team because they’re not engaged?

The government because it’s making bad decisions?

Your investors, your customers, your to-do list?

Your partner because they’re expecting too much?

Or they’re disconnected from you?

Or they’re too busy?

Or they don’t appreciate you enough?

Your kids because they keep interrupting you?

Or take you away from your partner?

Your parents because they were so serious when you were young?

Your health because it’s not as good as it used to be?

Your body because it doesn’t feel good any more?

Your age because you’re not as young as you used to be?

Or life because it’s just too hard.

If you relate to any of these you’ve missed the point about enjoyment.

It’s a decision.

You can decide to enjoy today, with all its challenges, or to resent it.

You can decide to enjoy the rain or let the rain ruin your day.

You can decide to enjoy your family or be irritated and disconnected from them.

You can decide to enjoy your body even if it’s not healthy right now.

You don’t have to decide. It’s a choice. But you can, if you want.

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