Now for My Great Friend Money.

Now For My Great Friend Money.

As you know my superpower is love and learning that was so very liberating for me. That knowledge gave me the great freedom to “spread the love” so to speak. Now this isn’t in a weird way but in an energy way. I actually LOVE money, I have seriously improved my energetic love of money and how it ebbs and flows through and around me. As I write this I can feel its energy in love and how much fun it is, like bubbles in a good champagne or prosecco.

So how does this translate to my everyday life? Well in a really ordinary way. I still do the everyday money stuff, pay the bills, have weeks where the money flows easily and others when it doesn’t. I had to learn to charge for my services in alignment with how I felt about charging and my worth and feeling the worth of the job in energy. The work I did with you Sarah about my own worth and getting rid of some silly old crap was invaluable to me being able to learn process. I also learnt to let money flow through me back into the world. She doesn’t like to be held captive, I pay for what I feel good about. I give money to what I feel good about.

I feel my way through money decisions and issues and compared to other people I am quite financially conservative in the ways of borrowing, because I no longer fear money and I know that it flows to me just fine as long as I am working from a place of love. If it doesn’t feel right financially I don’t do it…. whatever that is. It’s all about the feel, the love, the fun and the happiness that money feels around me. If it feels good and money feels happy then we go ahead ….. like in a partnership. I talk to my friend money and we talk about stuff, whats happening for us and how to share the money love around.

My work provides me income but it’s not the only thing that does, I have great prosperity in all things. With every job I do I send love to it energetically, and I acknowledge those I work with in energy beyond the drama of the everyday human face they present to the world. I learnt to connect with the love of the job, situation and outcome and then money is happy and the income flows. This was a huge learning for me. I often sit opposite people that I find it hard to do this with but I do it anyway….. I say in my heart that I acknowledge you in energy and love and I send you love. It makes me feel good at least. 

I no longer worry about money. I know I can “turn a dollar” in a million ways and its about the love not my ego. Occasionally of course my ego trips me up and I sometimes play a bit of a schizophrenic dance between ego, love and my friend money.

One example of this is my car. I decided some time ago that I wanted and needed a new car, (ego got involved) So I started to feel my way around it and it felt a bit weird (I didn’t love the idea). Anyway I persisted (ego) and then unexpectedly out of a strange set of circumstances my VW dealer gave me the very car I was attracted to for three days while they worked on my old car ( I managed to manifest it to feel it physically). This larger expensive vehicle came home and sat in my garage and looked very regal. I say that I “tired it on” just like a dress or a pair of shoes.  Strangely I couldn’t drive it for the three days as I had to go away and left it for my husband. He of course loved it but it still wasn’t feeling right for me (ego sent back to sulk with lots of love soothing it). So back the regal large beautiful car went and I am still driving my 10 year old VW with 270,000 kms on it. I know I will need a new car soon but I still can’t find a great feeling about it, perhaps its something to do with a lurking something about my worth or something else. I’m just not sure right now but I am OK with that, it will reveal itself in time somehow. So I’m still talking with money about this and I know that we will resolve it some way, the best way, but how I don’t know and I don’t really worry about it.  

If I could give any suggestions they would be the following:

  • Learn to ground every day and do it!
  • Relax and let go often and lots during the day and regularly with the daily activations
  • Find love energetically within you its all about feeling
  • LOVE money energetically, develop a relationship with your friend money. Imagine how it feels, wrap yourself in it, lay in it, feel it flying to and sticking to you and how it feels as it hugs you
  • Start feeling your way through your financial decisions and talk with money about it, feel with money about it
  • Acknowledge your clients or people around you in energy and love if you can, it changes things in unexpected ways
  • Learn to trust that its ok to go against what everyone else thinks you should do about your work / business and your finances, just stick with that love of money feeling and whats right for you
  • Laugh at yourself and the craziness of business life around you…. it’s really very funny, I wish I could draw its silliness
  • Relax and let go….. whats the worse that can happen… will anyone die from it???? Usually not

I always get a kick when I find a cool fifty hiding in my bag/car/purse somewhere…. that’s the feeling :). I have a little chat with it and thank money for such a lovely surprise. It’s cool.

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