The Courage to Love

023. The Courage To Love (1)

Recently I watched the movie, Braveheart.  And inevitably it stirred up in me that admiration for great heroes who will do anything for the cause.

But much of what William Wallace (aka Mel Gibson) did for his cause (freedom of Scotland) and the English did for their cause (maintain power) would be called terrorism today.

I’m not sure we need leaders any longer who create followers ready to die for the cause, but I know my heart becomes a little braver each time I have the courage to love where before I didn’t.

When I forgive myself and move on after making a mistake rather than beat myself up. When I allow others to make mistakes too, rather than being critical and judgemental. When I step up and share the message of love with another person rather than keeping quiet in case it’s embarrassing or out of their comfort zone.

It’s something each of us can do without having to be a leader or a follower. My experience has been that we all respond to love and many problems are melted in its face. It makes our hearts braver and brave hearts seem to sing more.

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