The Consciousness of Money

Money is interwoven through every moment of our lives. We have an intimate relationship with it, regardless of whether we accept or reject it. It’s an energy that connects us all in an invisible web of exchange. It’s extraordinarily powerful, and when you step back to observe it there is great beauty in the way it flows through our daily lives. Our financial systems are currently evolving very rapidly and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. This level and speed of change creates insecurity for some and opportunity for others. But this is not only about money as cash and transactions. It’s not only about the rapid growth in crypto-currencies and the unprecedented financial freedom that’s being promised. It’s not only about the shifting global economy. It’s also about our relationship with the energy and consciousness of money, the extraordinary system that supports our creativity and fuels exchange across the planet.

The Consciousness of Money

The Consciousness of Money is a 2.5 day experience that will change your relationship with money for ever in a way that’s fully aligned with life and the planet. Through an exploration of how you feel and act around money you will discover the sheer joy of interacting with an energy that is very much alive. It is the essence of generosity. It is multi-dimensional. It speaks the language of love with every human being. And accepting it wholeheartedly opens you to experience true prosperity. Led by Sarah McCrum, Jeff Vander Clute and Niko Dujmovic, the essence of this intensive retreat combines deeply connected, creative conversations with Resonance Mapping of a wide range of cutting-edge financial concepts, opportunities and directions. We blend exploration of tangible and intangible aspects of money, from real world opportunities such as cryptocurrencies to the multi-dimensional aspects of the energy of money and true prosperity. We introduce topics each day to stimulate the conversation and guests are encouraged to take the exploration in directions that most interest you. We guide you to ensure that all discussion is creating direct shifts in your consciousness, energy and your financial life and expands your worldview. We may Resonance Map any topic that comes up, This is a unique method developed by Jeff Vander Clute of taking a precise reading on the energy and potential value of any option, decision or idea to find the greatest luminosity and awakeness. It can be used to assess the consciousness of different aspects of money, for example forms of investment, business models, ways of giving or individual financial decisions and opportunities. It’s a practical way to help you lead with presence and make enlightened financial decisions. It’s also totally fascinating.

What’s included?

It’s difficult to describe The Consciousness of Money because each group and each individual has a unique experience, tailored to the participants and their specific circumstances. Having said that each retreat includes the following elements:

  • Activation of your financial potential
  • Illumination of deep financial patterns and principles
  • Group enquiry into the energy and consciousness of money with real-time feedback through Resonance Mapping
  • Relaxation, healing and unblocking energy
  • Upgrading your system
  • Enhancing your energy field
  • Exploring waves of financial innovation and consciousness of various financial instruments, models, paradigms and systems
  • Introduction of psychoactive topics that will continue to influence you long after the retreat is completed

How do we do it?

The experience is very fluid, but at the same every topic and activity emerges at precisely the right time. We aim to have a relaxed atmosphere. Each person is encouraged to share their perspectives fully and deeply. We always follow the flow of interest in the group whilst maintaining an underlying focus on the consciousness of money. These are some of the activities you can expect to take part in:

  • Cultivating group enquiry and group wisdom
  • Guided relaxations and activations
  • Grounding
  • Resonance Mapping
  • Transformational dialogue
  • Deep dive into individual cases
  • Cultivating skillful manifestation
  • Clearing of deeply embedded cultural beliefs
  • Storytelling
  • Asking beautiful questions
  • Deep listening
  • Sourcing subtle information

What you can expect to change

The focus on consciousness throughout the retreat empowers every participant to recognise how to use money for the greater good and to understand the coming waves of financial change and innovation from a higher perspective. This knowledge enables you to see beyond the transactional world of cash, notes, bank accounts and hard numbers, while engaging with all forms of money in a life-affirming way. By diving into the consciousness of money you can expect tangible outcomes that start immediately and continue to unfold over the following months and years, including…

    • Heal your relationship with money
    • Open up new financial and business opportunities
    • Accelerate business wins
    • Get started in the new currencies
    • Expand your financial vision
    • Find clarity of direction and your true gifts (personal and business)
    • Connect with your true self
    • Strengthen your inner guidance
    • Natural confidence
    • Improve your relationships, esp with money
    • Align your personal purpose and business direction
    • Gain a deeper understanding of money
    • Initiation into the Gratitude Economy
    • Personalised list of empowered practical actions (ie next steps)
    • Personal breakthroughs

The schedule (with flexibility)

  • 5am – start for those who want to join Sarah’s daily Energy Activation live (optional)
  • 6.30am – walk on the beach, swim and exercise – the nearest beach is about 500 metres walk (optional)
  • 8.15am – breakfast (for house guests only)
  • 9am – all meet together and start morning topic + Resonance Mapping to stimulate conversation for the rest of the day
  • 1pm – lunch
  • 2pm – deep relaxation with Niko
  • Afternoon transformative conversation
  • 5.30pm – walk, swim, relax, talk or free time
  • 7.00pm -dinner – and the conversation continues

On the 3rd day we end after a long lunch (expect a 4pm finish)

The Venue

The venue

The venue is our house in Coolum Beach. It has a fantastic deck with superb views from the coast across the Sunshine Coast hinterland. We’ll spend most time outside if the wind and weather are right for it. Address: 21 Pacific Heights Court, Coolum Beach, QLD 4573


18-20 May 2018

25-27 May 2018

We start at 9am on Friday and finish after lunch around 3pm on Sunday. You’re welcome to join us for dinner at home on Thursday (6.30pm) if you want.

The People

Jeff Vander Clute is an awakener of systems committed to the reinvention of human society. He empowers individuals, businesses, and whole organisational ecosystems on their journeys of development and transformation – awakening with clarity and presence to ALL that they are. Jeff’s work facilitates the emergence of deeply aligned strategies and visions, supports the consciousness development of boards of directors and senior staff, activates group genius, and fosters individual and collective awakening. Jeff is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and leadership experience in the technology, nonprofit, and social enterprise sectors. Sarah McCrum‘s work is driven by the exploration of how each one of us can be fully human and fully alive in an age of exponential expansion in technology.” She’s been an energy coach for 20 years, helping entrepreneurs master their personal energy and connect more deeply with themselves, their families and their purpose. She’s created The Freedom Zone, a membership program providing daily recordings to support gamechangers and entrepreneurs to activate their full potential. She’s also a partner in Love To, a network of businesses that creates opportunities for people to run and scale businesses, solving meaningful problems by doing what they love. Niko Dujmovic is an artist and lover of energy, consciousness and healing. He leads exquisitely beautiful healing relaxations, giving people a taste of energy that we rarely get to experience.


A$2000 (initial deposit of $500 with balance to be paid by 1 May 2018) Includes:

  • The program from Friday morning to Sunday lunchtime
  • Lunch each day
  • Dinner each day (to include eating out on the first evening. If we decide to go out both evenings we’ll split the cost between all of us for the second night).


Accommodation is not included. We can recommend local places to stay from Airbnb to 5 star and we have some space in our house (please enquire for pricing).

Business for Good

Your participation will help to keep a Cambodian girl in school to protect her from sex trafficking, through our lifetime partnership with B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1 – Business for Good).


This will be a very intimate experience with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 guests, in addition to me, Jeff and Niko. The group will be brought together based on each person’s potential to contribute to the whole experience, with a willingness to share openly your experience and curiosity.


Please email to request an invitation to the next event or ask questions.

Future dates

We will run programs in USA and Europe later this year. Please email if you’re interested in future events and want to be notified when dates are confirmed.

The Participants

What is The Consciousness of Money retreat?

What's unique about it?

The experience

The surprise

The whole experience

A big learning

What did you gain from the retreat?

Reigniting his passion for business

I thought I’d share a conversation I had today with a State Government employee who has been working with me over the past few months. I know it’s a good indication of the change and shift in me since our retreat. He reflected on one meeting he had with me before Christmas and said: “I seriously questioned whether I had the defibrillation kit in my car as your face was redder than a sunburnt tomato.” He went on to say that  he felt after some meetings that he may have just signed my death certificate as he added more work to my already overburdened workload. The clincher, he went on to add, “Whatever you’ve done since then, keep at it, you look a lot better.” Massive thank you to you, Sarah, Niko and Jeff and the entire group for my transformation. Dale Boreham

Before the retreat I honestly felt like my life had become “have to” with relation to working and earning money to pay bills etc. I had literally lost everything nearly 12 years ago and was carrying around so much guilt and fear that I wasn’t even allowing myself to connect with what I WANTED/LOVED/AM PASSIONATE ABOUT. I thought I was betraying my kids and being selfish and thinking about my passions instead of working hard at a job I hated to go to Canada to spend time with them. I thought I didn’t deserve to do what I loved and that I needed to do whatever was offered to me to pay the bills and debts. The guilt was enormous! And then there was the fear!!! The fear of making something work only to lose it all again! Living with a memory of that sting had me avoiding getting on the field to avoid that happening again. However during the retreat I saw something …… me playing small, my fears and my guilt weren’t serving myself, my kids or anyone else on this planet. I was avoiding the world, trying to run and hide instead of using my talents to contribute back to the world and that wasn’t helping a single thing!! So I came to a conclusion “what if I dropped all of that useless stuff, put the need for money aside and played at what lights me up inside”. Something absolutely MASSIVE has changed for me. I’m excited to “play” with something I love. I feel like the little boy in me has been resurrected and come out to explore and play with “let’s find out what’s possible!”. Life is getting exciting! Dave Morris

The greatest gift for me is I am so RELAXED!!! Now life can flow! More and more ideal clients are coming to me effortlessly and the business opportunities that are being presented to me are incredible – I am no longer stuck in the ‘HOW’ but am now free to allow my creative self to manifest my expressions all aligned to the Universes ideal, it feels amazing! I’m travelling Australia and still making money while sitting in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I manifested my King. I’m totally in love. My heart and soul are in joy and I’m having the best time doing a road trip with this beautiful man who just loves me back. We’re talking about traveling all over the world together. I am present in the NOW and so much gratitude fills my heart. Ella Hall