Success Is Not a Destination

Success Is Not A Destination Wp

What is success?

Sometimes it feels like a word that pushes me into trying harder and harder to get somewhere that’s further and further away. It’s a place I’m never going to reach, however hard I strive.

That’s the unconscious version of success. It’s easily triggered and can cause many varieties of feeling inadequate. It creates a relentless pressure to do more.

It doesn’t work. 

However successful you become in other people’s eyes, that version of success is (a) impossible (B) unattractive (C) harmful.

So let’s put it in the bin and get real.

I thought about removing the word from my vocabulary and simply not engaging with the notion of success. But it’s such a powerful motivator in our culture that I find it more effective to rewire myself for an intelligent and conscious understanding.

In any project, it’s valuable to ask what success looks and feels like for this project. The answer will never be just a dollar figure or a numerical outcome. It will be a constellation of connected outcomes that make you feel good. It will also look beautiful. 

When you engage with this type of success, it’s very powerful because it has such a big effect on your energy. Moving a project towards a beautiful, rich outcome is far more attractive than trying to achieve a numerical target, and it helps you to make better decisions throughout the process. It’s also simply more enjoyable. 

There are big long-term projects and smaller short-term projects. You can ask the question ‘What does success look and feel like?” ‘in all of them. Doing this well is an activation of the energy systems of life and fundamental to manifestation. 

To me, this is a useful approach to success that works. I can easily bin the old, unconscious version.

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