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Marketing is the beautiful art of communicating a message in order to create connection and change lives in a beneficial way. Some of this communication leads to the exchange of products and services for money but that is not the goal. It is a mechanism that serves the overall purpose of making life better.

Marketing is one of the subtle arts because it is impossible to control what happens with your message once you share it. Your part in the process is relatively small. Most of the activity happens after it leaves your presence and enters the worldwide communication web.

It is easy to get caught up in thinking it is all up to what you do, and that if you do it right everything will be successful. This is both true and untrue. What you do is significant but small. You can do a great job and it fails or you can be surprised by results that appear miraculous. Every experienced marketer knows this.

Sharing a message is like planting a seed. You can provide the best quality compost, plant the seed in the right location, ensure it gets the right amount of water and other simple tasks. But do you actually grow the seed yourself? Do you have any idea how it really grows? Can you control which microbes show up, which worms and other small creatures improve the soil and what the weather does with the future story of the seed? The answer is that you know remarkably little.

Sometimes, when you get very scientific, you think you control far more than you do. You forget the extraordinary miracle of life that is growing your plants, and you can only see so very little of what’s really going on. 

If only you knew what’s really going on. You’d quickly realise that you’re part of a web of life so complex, beautiful, abundant and intricate that all you can hope to do is participate by doing your tiny piece as well as you can.

Marketing is the same.

Your Part in the Process

Let’s have a look at your part in the process of public communication.

  • You have a wish or a desire within your soul to make some improvement to an aspect of life.
  • You need to engage other people in this improvement to make it happen.
  • You create some messages that communicate an invitation to others to join you in the improvement.
  • There are a variety of ways people may join you. They may work alongside you to help you fulfil your desire. They may receive products or services from you or your business that improves their lives. They may share your message with their friends. They may invest money, time and energy into enhancing and expanding the improvement you’re making.
  • There are a variety of energy exchanges that take place. You pay to others; others pay you; you partner and share revenue; you receive investment and make a return; you borrow and repay. All of these exchanges are built around the message you’re communicating.
  • You nurture the messages over time, like plants, but the messages themselves are out of your control. 
What Else is Going On?

Let’s have a look now at what else is going on that you may be less aware of.

  • Your initial wish is not generated by you alone. It’s a response to an energy that you are experiencing. Maybe many people have a need that you can help fulfil. So is it your wish or their wish? Or both?
  • As you create your messages of invitation, you feel inspired. So where do your great ideas come from? They don’t come from your mind or your past experience alone. Nor do they come from copying a great communicator. They are seeded in your connection with life, your desire to make life better and the energy field in which you live.
  • As you share your messages of invitation, what happens with them? What determines who opens your email, shares your post or talks with their friend about it? Are you really sure it’s you? However much you test and measure, you cannot control what happens with your messages. That all takes place in an extraordinary network of connection and communication in the energy field.
  • There is an unimaginably vast system of subtle communication that you are tapping into. That is how your messages travel around the world and reach people. That’s how they get into the right or the wrong hands. It is also how you reach millions or only a few.

The biggest thing you can influence is how you interact with the energy field of life. This interaction is activated by your wishes and nurtured by you being curious, receptive, peaceful, determined, open, clear and many other qualities. They can be summed up in three words.

Relax. Enjoy. Love.

If you want to market successfully, you have only a few things to take care of.

  1. Be clear what you want.
  2. Do what you need to do (write emails, share messages, respond to questions, create communication pathways) and do it beautifully.
  3. Relax. Enjoy. Love.

The rest will be done for you.

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