Patterns and how to predict the future

074. How To Thrive In The Year Of The Fire Rooster

It’s a very tricky area, making predictions, and yet I notice how compelling a good prediction is. I used to get sucked into reading horoscopes, even when I knew they weren’t giving me any useful information at all. There’s also  something fascinating and maybe rather scary about a psychic who can tell you confidently what’s going to happen to you.

But the Chinese have made it into an art and a science. They observed patterns of life over generations and recorded it all in a series of systems that can now be used for predicting many different areas of your life.

With the right expertise you can foresee the periods of your life when your health will be most challenged, when you’re likely to start and end relationships, when you can expect legal problems, when it’s easier and harder for you to make money, what types of person you’re likely to attract as a partner and children, how your energy matches with all the people in your life and a lot more.

It doesn’t sound very useful if you get the information and can’t do anything with it, but the thing is that this is all about patterns. So the pattern may show a clash in your relationship with your partner for the coming year, but how you experience that can vary a lot. You can find yourselves fighting in a way you never have before. It’s scary and the mind has a very nasty habit of turning it into a big drama. You can end up worrying that something’s wrong with your relationship and afraid of what might happen.

But imagine how different it would be if you knew that it’s going to last one year only, that it’s nothing personal between the two of you, that it’s a pattern that’s affecting you both which is much bigger than you and that there are sensible things you can do to prevent causing too much damage during this difficult period. For example, it may be a good idea for you to spend more time apart during that particular year. It may be better for you to go away for several holidays together. This is the kind of thing a Chinese Metaphysics expert can tell you.

They look at patterns at many different levels, from patterns that occur over hours and days to grand patterns that last hundreds and thousands of years. They look at the patterns of your personal energy and how that connects and interacts with the energy of other people, places and periods of time.

I find it very useful to get a view of the energy of the coming year because it helps me to make decisions about the focus of my work and how to take care of myself. For example, if I know a year is challenging for my health I give myself permission not to put too much pressure on myself. If I know that it’s very important to build up inner peace to counteract the challenging energy of a year I make sure I build that into my courses.

I’ve learned over the years that the energy changes all the time, like the weather, and its influence is hugely significant. It’s a lot easier to cooperate with it than to ignore it.

If you want to learn how to make your own predictions, there’s one simple way. Essentially your conscious and subconscious thoughts tend to turn into your reality over time. If you can become aware of what you’re thinking, and especially the thoughts that run beneath the surface, you can get a pretty good idea of what you’re creating in your life. These thoughts are influenced by the energy patterns I described above, and also have their own influence on the energy. There’s an interplay between them both.

If you don’t like the thoughts you uncover, you can explore how to change them into better ones. It’s important to engage your feelings as well as they’re so tightly linked with your thoughts. There’s no point in creating positive thoughts over the top of negative feelings. They need to be aligned to be powerful.

Essentially this is the way I can see how a person’s life is likely to work out at any given point, mainly by listening to their inner thoughts very carefully. Once you become very aware of this it becomes a lot easier to shift direction and improve the parts that aren’t looking good.

If you want to find out about the energy and patterns of 2017 from an expert , please enjoy this webinar with Aleksandra Dorann, “How to Thrive in the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster.

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