One new thing to do every day

One New Thing To Do Every Day

There was an interesting exchange between two clients this morning, talking about how to get things to happen when you feel out of your depth. One of them has been made redundant and is not clear what she wants to do next. The other is doing a day job and designing a fashion collection in her spare time. Both struggle from time to time with keeping up their confidence in themselves.

We talked about doing just ONE thing each day that will take your project forward . Your only requirement is to make sure you get that one thing done. Then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want (or the other things you HAVE to do). It doesn’t feel like a lot  and even if you are afraid of doing it you can usually manage to do one thing.

After one or two days you hardly feel as if you have done anything. But after 14 days you have already achieved 14 key things that have moved your project forward. That’s beginning to make a significant difference already. It’s like walking up a mountain. You can walk up a steep section and it feels slow and difficult. But if you turn around and look at how far you have come in a short time you are usually amazed. It always looks much more when you look back than when you are in the middle of doing it.

If you keep your energy levels high you will probably find you can achieve far more than this – but it’s always a useful thing to remember. JUST DO ONE THING AT A TIME. You will get far more done that way.

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