Letting Go of Trying Hard

Letting Go Of Trying So Hard Wp

Why try so hard?

When I look at a small child who’s trying hard to do the right thing to please someone else, I want to give them permission to be themselves and let go of trying so hard.

I know where that kind of trying leads to.

Sometimes I still catch myself at it. I’m trying to be good or loving or some other quality that I subconsciously believe I “should” be. The strange thing is that whenever I do that it leads to some kind of internal chaos and exhaustion. It doesn’t make me a better person.

It’s not that trying has no value. Sometimes, when I’m facing something difficult, I need to give it a try even if I don’t yet know how to do it. Sometimes I need to try when I’m learning something new and I’d prefer to stay in my comfort zone.

But whenever I let go of trying to be someone I’m not, I find a little more of who I truly am.

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