Why do so many people avoid this topic?

Why Do So Many People Avoid This Topic

​​​​​​It’s money again. 

I keep going on about it and I notice that it’s not the most popular subject.

BUT I also notice that everyone I meet has some issue with money which they would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to solve, however wealthy or poor they are. The tricky thing is that you can’t solve it if you don’t address it.

As I’ve explored it with many different people over the last 6 years, I’ve realised why it’s such a challenging topic. It brings up SO MUCH FEAR. I’ve heard people talk about…

  • selling their soul to the devil
  • deep shame about not making enough
  • constant fear of losing it all
  • disgust​​​​​​​ and anger about what money is used for in the world
  • ​​​​​​​rejection of people who have a lot of money
  • ​​​​​​​rejection of poverty
  • desire to completely ignore money
  • wishful thinking that it will just arrive magically in their account
  • and a whole lot more eye-opening feelings and beliefs

For most of my life I fell into the “ignore it” category. In my family it was one of those subjects you don’t discuss (along with sex, politics and religion). Eventually I’d ignored it so much that I didn’t have any at all. My inheritance had gone. My business had failed. I had no income any more. And I had no idea how to move forward.

At that point I had to face the topic of money, like it or not. It would have been better if I’d done it earlier, because it wasn’t easy getting out of such a deep hole. But once you’re at the bottom you don’t have a choice any more.

My luck was that I had a unique guide in my search for understanding. I tapped into an ability I’d developed with my Chinese Master and started a conversation with money (as in the energy of money). Every day I wrote messages from this energy that showed me the way to a new, far more enlightened relationship with money.

It said things like this to me:

​​​​​​​” I am listening to all of your prayers, your longings, your desperation for money, for more of me. But I have to tell you that I am unable to respond to those kinds of prayers and desperate wishes. I am repelled, or pushed away, by the force of your desire. I am unable to enter the laps, hands or wallets of those who seek desperately.”

And a little later…

​​​​​​​”It is not your fault and you have not done something wrong. You have never been taught the correct way to approach me. Now I am here to teach you, simply, how to approach me and how to receive me.

​​​​​​​It is not as difficult as you imagine. I travel on lines of energy to those who are open, receptive and able to use me. There is enough of me to make everyone on earth a billionaire and then more – much, much more. You hardly started yet.”

I eventually wrote 260 pages of extraordinary advice from this beautiful energy that I came to see as a friend and ally. Step by step I’ve been redefining my understanding of what money really is (so much more than currency and transactions). I’ve learned, practised and proved what I was taught through all those messages and I’m discovering what true prosperity is for me.
​​​​​​​I’m still on the way. I expect that to continue throughout my life as I can see that there’s no limit to abundance and generosity, which are some of the key characteristics of money.

What feels really important to me now is the future. I can’t see any way we can create a positive future on this planet with old-fashioned ideas about money. I believe that each of us needs to question our relationship with money deeply, and be willing to change it when we discover where it’s not working.

This is not something to put off or throw in the “too hard” basket. It’s too critical for that. Money is everywhere. It’s linked with your deepest beliefs and every aspect of your daily life.

Money is also deeply linked with power. If you want the power structures to change, you need to get very conscious about money. Otherwise those that have most of it will continue to be powerful and the rest will continue to complain.

There are lots of challenges here. It’s not comfortable to explore it and it will bring up some dark stuff.

BUT it will also introduce you to some of the most beautiful experiences of your life. The energy of money is deeply linked with enjoyment, love and relaxation, as was pointed out all the way through the book. It’s also the key to manifestation – and that includes manifesting a better future for humanity.
“Your planet, Earth, is truly abundant. She is surrounded by an energy that can supply you with whatever you want – and to whoever wants it. Between her, you and us (ie money), we can create any kind of material goods, experiences and lifestyles you want, and there is always a way to do this without polluting or destroying the planet – if you want to.
​​​​​​​But currently those who are most concerned about your planet tend to focus on what they don’t want. What strange behaviour! How can you create a vision of what you don’t want? That’s like asking an artist to paint a painting that is not of water. Or going into a shop and saying to the sales assistant “I don’t want any apples today.”

We ask you from today onwards to talk about what you truly want and to forget what you don’t want. Did you ever write a “not-wish-list”?”

Personally I’d like to see the topic of money on everyone’s contemplation list. I’d like to see it as a hot topic for regular review in every person who aspires to be more conscious and more alive. I’d like to see parents discuss it with their children, beyond the inevitable conversation of how they’re going to earn money when they grow up. And I’d like to see how this exploration raises our collective quality of life and our natural prosperity as a result.

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