It’s Not Only What You Put in Your Body but Also What You Clean Out

It’s Not Only What You Put In Your Body But Also What You Clean Out

I just heard the other day of another poison – maybe you already knew this – apparently aluminium foil leaves trace of aluminium on the food it’s wrapped around. There are so many poisons now, it’s difficult to know what’s safe to eat and what will become unsafe tomorrow.

But I personally can’t handle that kind of life, which is afraid of everything. Afraid to eat most food because of the poisons it contains. Afraid to eat fruit off the tree, in case it’s been sprayed. Afraid to enjoy a piece of cake because it has sugar in it.

Of course, it’s absolutely crazy to knowingly eat stuff, or put it on your skin, which is full of poisons, and sadly that’s what most of us have been doing all our lives.

So what to do now?

I was looking for some organic shampoo recently in Croatia, and I made the mistake of expecting to find it in the supermarket. As I tried to read the labels to see if there were any products at all that weren’t full of parabens and other nasty substances, I felt the effect of that fear. How it makes you contracted and narrow-minded, always counting the cost and unable to enjoy anything.

Your body is designed to clean out poisons. It’s incredibly efficient at it. It does it all the time.

There’s one simple thing to remember to help reduce the fear in a world that is certainly full of scary statistics.

If we eat something that disagrees with us we usually get diarrhoea or vomiting, as the body goes into fast action to remove all traces of the offending substance. But instead of appreciating our body for it’s remarkable ability to clean and heal itself, we treat it as if something has gone wrong and try to stop the healing process by taking some additional poison.

But…and it’s a big but…we need to cooperate with that process, not prevent it. And sadly, through ignorance more than anything else, we often do the opposite of what would help.

It’s fairly obvious what’s going on in this kind of case but what about more long-term exposure to low levels of poison or harmful substances?

The body will remove as much as it can on a daily basis – that’s what it’s doing every day through the digestion process. But if it is unable to remove everything some toxicity will accumulate in the body until the body can’t handle it any more and starts to expel it through a kid of purge.

You will probably feel this. It may feel like a headache, flu or a cold. It may erupt through the skin or cause congestion in the lungs. It may show up as any kind of physical symptom and you will probably feel there is something wrong with you. You may even go to get some medication to remove those symptoms, often adding another load of chemicals for the body to clean out.

Once you feel there is something wrong you will also contract into tension, maybe even fear. This restricts the flow of energy through your system. It is energy that cleans out the poisons, so reducing the flow is the last thing you want to do in this situation. The more energy flowing through you the better.

And so a vicious cycle develops.

Your body is overloaded, in some way or other. It starts to remove toxicity, which is often an uncomfortable process. You get worried or afraid you are ill and become tense and contracted. This reduces the body’s ability to clean itself so it has to work much harder. This feels even more uncomfortable. You get tenser and more worried and so it goes on. And you may end up getting very sick.

So how can you break the cycle?

The number one answer is to relax. When you’re relaxed all your energy channels are more open and it is much easier for your body to clean out anything that is not useful for it.

If you can make a habit, preferably daily, of relaxing, you will optimise your body’s ability to keep itself clean. In my experience people who relax and clean their energy daily rarely if ever get sick. This is because they are keeping their body clean all the time, so there is no need for an occasional purge.

The number two answer is to understand that when your body is in pain or discomfort, it is essentially releasing or cleaning out negative energy. This may be in the form of poisons you have consumed or absorbed, or it may be the result of negative thoughts and feelings that have poisoned your system in a slightly different way. But if you realise that your body’s symptoms are signs that your body is doing its job, you will not panic whenever you feel pain or get flu or experience some other of the signs that your body is cleaning itself.

If you are relaxed and you have understanding of what’s going on you will cooperate with your body and let it clean itself whenever it needs to. You will feel grateful that this temporary discomfort is preventing much bigger problems in the future and you will not try to suppress the symptoms.

If you want the cleaning process to happen more quickly, or you feel you need a deep cleansing, or you would like to keep your body as clean as possible all the time, I recommend you learn how to relax and receive energy. This is like giving your internal body a daily shower. When you receive very powerful energy, it’s like putting a jet hose through your system to spring clean it.

This is the simplest and best way I have ever come across for keeping yourself in good health all the time, making sure your body cleans out any poisons it is exposed to as quickly as possible and preventing the major health problems that develop from accumulated toxicity – cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.

If you do this you will naturally choose to eat good quality, clean food whenever you can because your body will ask for it. A clean body does not crave sugar, alcohol or other stimulants and appreciates fresh organic food. But when you have to eat food that is less than optimal or you are exposed to anything harmful, you can be sure your body will get rid of it as quickly as possible, as it is designed to do.

If you want to learn how to relax and receive energy, or you need a deeper cleansing process, please join my 30-day energy challenge. You can get started with a really simple way of recharging your energy on a daily basis. It’s quick, effective and keeps you going. As you gain experience you’ll discover how important your energy is for every aspect of your life. Explore the principles of energy in health, relationships, business and life.

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