Is This a Nervous Breakdown?

021. Is This A Nervous Breakdown

A 44 year old man was crying in front of me. He said he hadn’t cried since he was 15. He thought he was having a nervous breakdown.

I know he’s experiencing one of the greatest breakthroughs of his life. This is the moment he’s been searching for – the moment when his heart begins to crack open and he’s able to feel human and connected for the first time in many years.

I wonder how many other people think they are experiencing a nervous breakdown at the moment.  How many people want to go to sleep and stay asleep because their life appears to be falling apart all around them? How many people are drinking their pain away? I think it’s a lot.

I wish they knew what I know. That it’s all right. That this is a great moment for them. That this change they are experiencing will make them feel more alive than ever before.

But most of them don’t know that because no one has ever told them. And they may get lost for a long time in the confusion of the supposed breakdown. They may believe their life is being ruined by what’s happening. And if they believe it strongly enough, it may even appear to be true.

And mostly they need someone to hold their hand and reassure them every day for a while. To explain what’s happening over and over again. To keep reminding them that it’s ok until they realise it themself. Someone who can see their potential and not get caught in the drama.

There’s a lot to be done.

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