Is Inner Peace Boring?

Is Inner Peace Boring (2)

Many times people say they don’t want peace. It sounds boring. There’s not enough drama – nothing to be excited about any more.

Yes, that’s true. And the funny thing is that often when you first experience it, it does feel boring. Because there’s really not much going on. So much less noise inside your head.

But that’s only the beginning.

If you allow it to expand, it’s a beautiful experience. You’d never want to go back to the days of drama and excitement because they feel so limited.

Inner peace is a foundation for being creative. It gives you clarity. It’s so quiet – just like nature on a windless, sunny day. A kind of perfection.

How do you find it?

Like all great experiences, you find it because you’re curious, you’re looking for it. It can take a while – maybe several months, even years. But once you’ve acknowledged in your heart that you want peace you’re on the path already.

It helps to spend some time every day being quiet. It’s important to heal the noisy voices in your head that shout a lot and disturb you all the time. It’s essential to forgive the people who’ve hurt you in the past.

It comes much faster if you realise there’s a part of you that’s always at peace, whatever’s going on in your life. This is your higher self – or you might give it another name. You can connect with your higher self at will, once you know how. It’s surprisingly easy and can give you fast access to peace at any time.

Inner peace is the number one request I come across amongst business owners and entrepreneurs I work with.


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