A beautiful poem by Katy Gagliardi

A Beautiful Poem By Katy Gagliardi (1)

Everywhere I go
I don’t know
so I follow signs within
muster confidence sans attachment
that I’ll reach the top.

Incline so subtle
I don’t realise
my heart beats faster
until I reach the point
of no return.

I clamber onward
my mind falters
with its body
set to crumble.

I doggedly grasp at rocks
pull myself forward
reach the peak
many hours after
my soul threatened to flee.

Wind rushes
to burst my eardrums
whip me down the mountain.

When spirit cracks
it exposes a heart:

Catastrophising no longer

‘Cos all the panic lied
when it said
“You’re not fit for this journey.”

Trek downward filled
with wonders abloom
mind accompanies these
with endless static.

I periodically break
to send each thought
to the Earth
via the all-knowing
of a deeper mind.

Silence is never interrupted
only interspersed
with wind and the sound
of hair whipping my jacket.

Sounds like bubble wrap.

Oneness with my surrounds
only occurs now that I see
the creation of all creation
as creation.

I remain within the beauty
knowing that presence
within its fear and love
can only result
in further beauty.

(c) 2013 Katy Gagliardi

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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