How to thrive in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey

If you want to find out more about Aleksandra’s Chinese Metaphysics consultations,  please email her at: aleksandra.dorann.info@gmail.com.

This is what someone said after consulting her about last year.

Through your website I was privileged to be on last year’s Wood Goat, Chinese Metaphysics presentation with Aleksandra  Dorann. I was truly amazed with how much her predictions resonated with my current situation at the time.

I contacted Aleksandra after the session to schedule a personal reading, Inner Child and Past Life regression sessions. Her intuitiveness provided a movie trailer of a life changing year for me. She advised me that I would see big changes in my career and needless to say, I was retrenched from a job of 23 years. I received a 6 figure package which allowed me a 6 month sabbatical and opportunity to commence MBA studies which had always been a pipe dream. I was easily able to land a new job with which I received a record promotion 2 weeks after I was employed and exactly the salary I had in mind but never voiced at the interview. This new job allowed me to travel to Quebec to meet the Corporate Team. My aspiration to write a book is currently underway with a title now finalized. I am hopeful for the future, and thanks to Aleksandra, just knowing these big changes were coming prepared me for the bumpy ride, which retrospectly was a very short one. The stress and panic would have been tenfold had I not known this was coming.

These events are only a fraction of what she predicted. She has provided me with a roadmap, and given me the greenlight and courage to pursue my life’s purpose.” Portia

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