How to Relax When You Don’t Have Time to Stop

048. How To Relax When You Don't Have Time To Stop

I’m going to give you some really bad advice this week. It’s based on a conversation I had a few days ago with Tracey Hynes who runs Maternity Care Consulting.

She’s currently Director of Nursing at a hospital, which would normally be considered a huge job in its own right, Somehow she’s landed herself with two other part-time contracts at the same time, so she’s busy, has no time and needs more energy than most people ever imagine.

Earlier this year she developed a habit of daily relaxation to increase her energy, which was very effective for her, but she doesn’t have time for it any more. However she has to relax, otherwise her energy levels will plummet.

By the way, it’s normal to advise people not to listen to guided relaxations or meditation while driving, but when I trained with my Chinese Master we all used to listen to relaxations in the car. Tracey’s now listening to guided relaxations as she drives and this is what she said about it:

“It makes me slow down and stop at roundabouts. It relaxes me. I can stay quite focused on what I’m doing but my mind isn’t out there thinking I have to do this today and this person needs me and I have to write that report – I just drive and breathe.”

She also relaxes on the toilet, when walking, when she can’t sleep at night, while other people are talking to her, in meetings (this is really good) and with her granddaughter (who goes to sleep very very quickly as a result).

“I seem to be able to get things done so it must be working. I’ve got a phenomenal amount of work done compared to what I was able to do before. It’s just huge. It’s like I’m running 3 hospitals. For most people doing my job would be enough, but adding on top the work I’m doing with two other hospitals – the work is quite huge.

“I don’t stop physically but my brain stops. It lets me think things through and get ideas. Sometimes when I’ve had a really interesting, weird, heavy or full on kind of thing going on, I can really deeply pull myself up now. As I’m walking back to my office I just go “Well yes, so that’s it. Just leave it. It exists. It is. That’s it.” I go into my office and shut the door and look out the window. I have a bit of a moment. And then I’m right. I feel good again. I let go of the drama. The drama has gone. Then I can just see what’s happening next…oh look, 500 emails.

“Sometimes I get too efficient, really busy, working too hard. That’s when I lose it. My brain’s running and everything’s running even when I go to bed. That’s when I lose energy but I can recover quickly now. I just get into bed and relax, and then I fall asleep.”

I’m not recommending you get 3 jobs and work 18 hours a day. I’m also not recommending you get into a situation where you don’t have time to stop and relax every day. But if you’re one of those people who’s already working like crazy I do recommend that you learn the wonderful art of relaxing to give you more energy.

It’s beguilingly simple. All it takes is about 20 minutes each day relaxing. It’s boring at times and most people give up after a week or two. But the people who continue (and continue and continue) experience the most remarkable changes. Tracey’s just one of the people who persisted.

If you want to learn to relax this is where Tracey started. Please learn the technique at home before you try doing it while driving.

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