How To Improve Your Digestion

Do you love your food?

Do you love your body?

Are you afraid of your food in case it damages you (or causes cancer, contains toxic chemicals, isn’t organic, might contain sugar)?

Are you afraid of your body because it already looks damaged to you (against the impossible standard of perfection you hold in your mind)?

Love and fear are very different vibrations which have very different outcomes.

When we operate from fear we get to experience exactly what we fear most. We guiltily eat “fattening” foods and put on weight. We look in the mirror and see a flawed body that is deteriorating as we get older.

When we operate from love we get to experience exactly what we love most. We eat out of love for our body and enjoy choosing the best food we can purely for the sake of it. It makes us feel even better. We look in the mirror and are pleasantly surprised at the unique human being who is smiling back at us.

And we can choose.

We can choose to be afraid of every food because of what it might do to us.

Or we can choose to love ourselves and our life and appreciate the best food we can find in any given moment.

The outcome will be different.

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