How to Handle Your Mind

This is an edited transcription of a live “activation” I recorded this morning. It’s a topic to reflect on, to contemplate, to roll around and play with – endlessly fascinating.

If you prefer to listen to the original recording here it is:

It lasts 25 minutes and is very relaxing, so sit back and close your eyes to get the most out of it.

One of the keys to being able to handle the mind is to understand that the mind is not the source of information, it’s not a creator, it doesn’t find the solutions to problems and it doesn’t give you ideas.

At the level of energy that’s simply not how it works. The mind is important when you select an idea or a solution from the many possibilities or you select a thought to focus on. The mind gets involved not in making the selection but in defining or articulating it.

We live in a world of unlimited possibility but it’s only when you select a possibility and define it with clarity that it’s activated over all the other possibilities. The mind packages the selection. It’s the pivot point of creation from the intangible world of energy, of unlimited possibility, to a focused point of selection which then starts to become material reality.

When you try to use the mind to solve problems you can only go back into the past and the solutions to today’s problems lie in the future, not the past, as the new energy gradually replaces the old.

So you need to open up to the energy world where all your possibilities and all your solutions lie – your future health, the quality of your relationships in the future, your future business and your life purpose.

If you notice what your mind is doing, it’s usually playing around with things that have happened before. It’s all stuff from the past. And while there’s nothing wrong with that you don’t want to create the future from the past. You create the future from the new energy that’s coming in, which will gradually replace the old energy which is your past. So you build on the foundation of the past but always using new materials.

It’s time to let go of the constraint of the past – what’s already been created, what’s already been experienced. Give yourself permission to play with the future. You have so much more freedom than you ever dare to imagine. So let’s open it up.

Take some time to be free of what you already know so you can expand by receiving the subtle energy messages and new possibilities, new opportunities that lie in the future.

And align yourself with the light (you don’t need to know how to do this – it will happen when you think about it). When you’re aligned with the light you’re aligned with innate goodness, innate harmony, innate coherence, innate beauty. When you’re aligned with the light, any choice you make is innately creative, powerful and kind.

So pay attention now to the energy, not the mental chatter. Pay attention to the expansion. It’s from the new energy that great ideas are formed. It’s from the new energy that great health, great relationships, great business and great lives are formed. When you give yourself permission to be great you give yourself permission to access great energy and it doesn’t come from the past.

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