How To Find Balance in a Busy World

How To Find Balance In A Busy World

Have you noticed that the busier you are the busier you become? It’s hard to stop. So when you go on holiday, for the first few days, it can feel really strange not having anything to do.

The same is true for people who don’t do much. The less you do, the less motivation you have to do anything. You can spend days, weeks or months, doing almost nothing.

Both of these are out of balance. They are excessive. In Chinese language, the first case is too yang, the second is too yin.

If you tend to be very busy, it’s extremely important to include some yin time in your week. Here are some yin activities:       

  • being in the ocean ( not serious swimming)
  • day-dreaming
  • going for a wander (smell the roses, don’t try to get somewhere)
  • doing nothing (not meditation)
  • drifting around in the garden (not serious gardening)
  • taking a long bath
  • reading poetry

You might feel very uncomfortable or lost at first. This is simply a sign you need it.

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