How Exactly Do You Balance Your Energy and What Difference Does It Make?

How Exactly Do You Balance Your Energy And What Difference Does It Make

People often say “I feel out of balance” or “My life has got out of balance”. Then they try very hard to get back into balance but it’s challenging, especially if you’ve let things go for a while.

I’ve found it’s a lot easier if you balance your energy first of all. This means you work from the inside to the outside. Once your energy becomes more balanced you’ll find your life follows suit, almost automatically.

What this means in reality is that your life becomes tangibly better. For example your health improves. This is not just “feeling better” (although that’s a huge improvement anyway) but it’s also real physical change – symptoms going away.

Another example is that an aspect of your business that was hard work or not working very well starts to improve. You get better results and you don’t appear to have done anything different at an external level.

I read a facebook post this morning by someone who’s doing a course with me about money. She reported three unexpected business opportunities that have come her way this week. We’ve been working on balancing her energy for a few weeks now.

It’s highly satisfying to get results this way because it requires virtually no effort or hard work and yet it’s very real.

Since so very many people are living an unbalanced lifestyle (and if you know you’re one of them but may find it hard to change anything) I’ve recorded an “energy activation” and a talk this week that show you how to balance your energy.

Please click this link to listen to them: How to Balance Your Energy

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