Now Is The Time To Transform Your Relationship With Money

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Do you have any idea how much difference it would make in your life to explore and transform your relationship with money?

Completely contrary to all my spiritual understanding, money has turned out to be the doorway to living a fuller, more joyful and more expansive life than I had been able to imagine before. 

It’s such a contradiction. On the one hand there’s the ultimate Eastern expression of a great human being – a monk with a begging bowl and not a cent to his name. On the other hand, in a Western Christian-influenced culture, money is associated with the root of all evil and it’s apparently very hard for a rich man or woman to go to Heaven.

So how on Earth are you supposed to feel comfortable with your natural, innate desire to experience abundance and expansiveness in life?

The way to resolve this is by discovering the true nature of money. When you realise that the essence of money is the same as the essence of everything else, which is the energy of love, you can let go of unhelpful beliefs and stereotypes around money and find your own relationship with it.

I learned a lot from working with two extreme types of business owner – the materially-focused and the spiritually-focused. It became crystal clear to me that only seeing the material side of money leaves people burned out, unhappy and disconnected from love and enjoyment. And only seeing the spiritual side of money leaves people broke, disheartened and disempowered. 

Life has to be better than that!

Little by little I questioned everything I knew, dialogued with the energy of money and came to understand that there’s a way to resolve this dilemma.

It turns out that “selfless service” without ever asking for what you want is a denial of the true nature of life, which is endlessly generous to us and naturally responds to our heartfelt wishes.

And constant focus on goals and achievements, without any real respect or love for yourself, is also a denial of the true nature of life, which has a much easier and more enjoyable way for you to create what you really want to experience.

And so it’s time to learn how to bring these two worlds together. To bring love into business and to respect your own wish to experience a more abundant, enjoyable and fulfilling life. 

What is emerging is a more generous way of living, which feels like life is supposed to feel. When you allow yourself to be generous to yourself, as well as to others, the whole system flows naturally and you can freely express who you really are.

This has been the most significant transformation of my entire life, which is why I now work to help other people make this shift. I believe that if we could all live more generously, a lot of our problems would solve themselves quite simply.

In that spirit, I’ve created a new program called Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously. I invite you to watch a new video where I share five of the most surprising and beautiful things about money that have changed the lives of many thousands of people during the last 12 months.

The video is called Now Is The Time To Transform Your Relationship With Money.

And if you want to go deeper, there’s an opportunity to enter the new program. I’d love you to join me if you feel the resonance.

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