Finding Joy In Business

Finding Joy In Business Wp

I’m on the search for more joy in business. It’s easy to get caught up in being busy, and whilst I can enjoy that, suppresses the deeper joy inside me.

Yesterday I woke up way too early. I was feeling the pressure of a long list of things to do and an imminent deadline. But instead of trying to figure out how to organise myself better, I looked for something more powerful that could help me prevent the situation in future.

It landed in me as a question. What if business is a sacred activity? How would I do it then?

It was instantly apparent that it will be radically different and that joy becomes inevitable.

This morning I was reflecting with my husband, Niko, on some financial issues that need resolving. I was concerned they could lead to some difficult conversations, which usually ends up in compromised outcomes. I found myself asking for a better solution that could create immediate change.

Again the question popped into my mind. What if business is a sacred activity?

It was instantly clear that it’s the answer. The energy of sacred business is inviting, respectful, sweet and true. It resolves financial problems gracefully. It removes all conflict from doing business and engaging in commerce. It opens my heart to growing my business activities in beautiful ways that I wouldn’t have dared to imagine before.

This is going to become a cornerstone for me of the new human story. Sacred business, sacred commerce, sacred economy. Truly making business a joyful activity.

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