Energy Activation: Stabilise Your Energy

Brand New Energy Activation Satbilise Your Energy

There is too much polarisation in the world at the moment. I never imagined I would witness this in my lifetime. At times, it has the resonance of historic events that we would never ever want to repeat.

This is a part of the big transformation going on in the world, and releasing/detoxing is an inevitable part of that, but it makes a difference how each of us responds during any releasing process.

Some take it as an opportunity to evolve. This may be easy and graceful, but often it feels like there’s a lot of pressure and it’s a challenge to remain steady and stable within yourself, let alone with others.

Some devolve and become extra reactive. This is usually because the fear and pressure are too much to bear, and they lack the knowledge to find any inner stability. 

Some withdraw and become disengaged, depressed, indifferent or apathetic. This is also because the pain is overwhelming and it becomes easier to escape from it than to feel it. 

The most important thing to understand is that it’s not about being “good at” handling the pressure. It’s about having a go. 

If you’re willing to do what you can to move towards stability, peace and coherence, rather than the opposite direction, you may end up being surprised at how much growth and expansion take place within you, even when you feel messy and clumsy in the process. 

The long-term consequence of facing challenges rather than avoiding them is that you become strong, powerful and extremely capable. If you extend this over many years, you will profoundly influence the shape of the future. 

Yesterday I recorded an Energy Activation to help you stabilise your energy and share greater coherence with others. It could be a powerful experience, whether you’re already feeling very relaxed or you’re struggling with what’s going on.

If you’re new to my energy activations, I’d like to tell you how they work. 

An Energy Activation is a deeply relaxing audio experience that guides your energy into a new formation. It’s best to listen in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed. You’ll find that I speak quite slowly, with gaps of silence between the sentences. These help you to calm down, relax deeply and experience the deeper resonance of the message I’m sharing. You may also hear some birds in the distance, because I live on a farm and they’re all around my house. 

Please feel free to download the activation and listen to it multiple times. You’re also welcome to share this article with any friends who might be interested.

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