Fighting the Waves

046. Fighting The Waves

It’s great to be in flow. It’s feels such a good place to be – floating your way through life.

But the ancient Chinese system of energy, which teaches you how to get into flow, is based on a principle of balance.

I was just talking to an acupuncturist about digestion and he talked about foods that strengthen or build you and foods that cleanse you and increase flow. If you have too much of the foods that strengthen (meat and fish for example) it puts a strain on your system. If you have too much of the foods that increase flow and cleanse your system (rice, vegetables) your digestion becomes weak.

The same is true of life. We have times of flow, ease and effortless movement and times of challenge and struggle. If everything in your life is flowing all the time you eventually become weak, lazy and afraid of challenges. If life is a constant struggle and challenge it can make you overstrained and exhausted.

I often meet people who want to be permanently in flow and feel something is wrong if they’re not totally relaxed all the time. But the struggle is there to make them stronger. Of course there are also those who push and struggle all the time. It’s good for them to relax, ease up and find more flow.

The beauty of it is that life brings periods of flow and periods of challenge. If you don’t resist them you will find yourself going up and down with the waves. Floating is a lot easier than fighting against what your life is bringing you right now.

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