Fascinated by Facebook

076. Fascinated By Facebook

I believe my real job as a human being is to create a life worth living. I’m not sure if anyone else can tell me what my life should be, but I can decide for myself what I consider a life worth living and test it out to see how well it works. I’m constantly making adjustments, but I notice that it’s working much better than it used to and that’s satisfying for me.

If you’ve read some of my recent blogs you’ll have seen that this is the Chinese Year of the Rooster. It’s a year that will be characterised by superficiality, ego and a lot of noise on the surface. That’s the energy of the year and it will become very prominent. I’m taking it as a great year to improve my ability to create and manifest, because it’s going to take a lot more focus than usual with so many distractions and temptations to be drawn to the superficial. This means it’s a good year for developing mastery.

It’s easy in this ego driven energy to get hooked into the news or fascinated by Facebook. It sucks your attention and draws you in, almost without noticing. It was the same during Brexit (I was in the UK at the time and it was a very compelling situation) and I remember something very similar many years ago during the first Iraq war, when I felt I had to keep in touch with what was going on.

But if I do this the effect on my energy is horrible. It pushes me into paying attention to what’s wrong, what’s noisy and what’s unimportant, or more specifically to what I don’t want to create. I feed my energy into the situation or the distraction rather than feeding it into creating a better future. This means I’m contributing to continuing what’s happening now, but that was created in the past so it’s a waste of time and evolution to keep it going. It would be far better to look ahead and keep moving forward than to stop still and try to hold on to what’s happening now.

So getting hooked into “current affairs” distracts you from your real work. Whatever you’re paying attention to is what you’re creating for the future. I’m finding in this year of fast manifestation that I need to be much more vigilant than before about how I occupy my mind. It’s easy to get lost in a little distracting daydream that’s focusing on what I haven’t got done today or how much I’ve got to get done this week. It’s a slightly tired, “hard work” energy, not a joyful or appreciative energy.

Once that starts many other thoughts can crowd in too – thoughts about something missing in my life or something wrong. And there I am, creating more and more of the same. I know it so well and yet in this 2017 energy it’s so easy to get caught in it before I’ve even noticed.

I realise that I”m not alone. In fact I’m witnessing many people getting totally caught up in pouring fuel onto a fire, adding to it with every breath until they feel quite panicked or out of control.

So let’s come back to our real work on this planet. What does that really take?

There are seven elements I’ve found to be essential in all my years teaching and coaching people to achieve their real, deeply fulfilling dream.

  1. Vision – be clear what you want
  2. Energy – keep it clean and fully charged every day
  3. Wisdom – make wise decisions consistently
  4. Love – open your heart and forgive past hurts
  5. Spirit – explore who you really are and connect with the Light
  6. Creativity – take this opportunity to create an abundant life
  7. Contribution – share your abundance with others for deep fulfilment

That makes a life worth living.

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