Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough Wp

I cannot bear to look any more

At the stories of today’s world.

My heart is breaking

Under the weight of lies and manipulation.


I don’t care any more what you believe in

Or whether we share the same narrative or not.

You might trust the systems that govern us

And the companies that push them around

And control them.

You might be in denial of the distortions of truth

That are in plain sight.

You might be a crazy, angry conspiracy theorist

Sharing your fears with anyone who stops to listen.

I don’t care any more.


I’ve listened to all of you.

I’ve tried hard to understand what you’re feeling. 

I can share your confusion.

I can feel your fear.

I can buy your theories.

I can see truth in every one of you.

But this is not the truth I seek.


Nor do I search for rationality.

Not any more.

I’ve tried. I’ve really tried.

I’ve listened, almost every day,

To the courageous souls who look for facts

And back them up with documents.

I know you’re right in what you’ve found.

I know that what you’re saying

Is what is going on.

More or less.


But I don’t care any more.


If I ignore the truth I betray myself.

And I betray you – my friend, my family.

And if I find out what’s really going on

It breaks my heart.


How could we be like that?

How could any one of us truly believe

That’s a way to live life?

How could a human being

Want to hurt another human being?

Or even hurt many of us?

How could that be possible?


I know that we all hurt each other.

I probably hurt someone everyday.

Especially the people who are so close to me

That I love them.


So I understand how we hurt each other

But I didn’t mean it.

I didn’t want to hurt you.

I was sorry afterwards

And I tried to make it up to you.


And I never thought that hurting other people

Could be a solution.

Or that it could be a strategy

A plan

A future.


That’s what breaks my heart

To see people play such terrible games with each other

And with us.

Until no one knows any more

What’s true and what’s false.

What’s right and what’s wrong.


Only we do.

We do know what’s true.

And we do know what’s right.


So what happened?

Why are we pretending?

Why don’t we call out the lies?

Why don’t we point out

That the emperor is wearing no clothes?


Yes, I know that you’re afraid.

That conversations get uncomfortable

These days.

We test the waters before we speak

To see how the other person might respond.

As if they have the power

To make us wrong, or bad, or even evil

Because we think something different from them.


Have we gone completely mad?

This is not what human beings are made of.

There’s a different drum that beats our hearts

Than lies and deception and secrecy.


So I want to say

Let’s change our direction.

Let’s put these stories behind us

And face a deeper truth.


Let’s create our own story

One that rings a bell

A wake-up call

To our souls buried deep within us


Let’s speak,

Not of what’s happening

And what terrible things have been done

But of a future.


A future we dream into being

The future we long for

And dare to know is possible.


Let’s tell stories

More and more stories

Lots and lots of stories

That become real

Like every story does.


We don’t need these stories of sickness and fear.

We need stories that heal

That restore our faith in each other

That remind us of the beauty of human life.


We need stories that make life worth living again

That restore trust

That connect us together

Because we are all so similar.


We need stories

That build a better future

Laying the foundation stones

And then the structure

Of a future that works

For all of us

As best we can.


Right now we’re not even trying to do that.

We’re just surviving.

Pretending it’s okay to be in a world

Where so few have so much

And so many have so little

And where it could be so easy

To change it around

If only…

If only…

If only we had a little courage

And a little imagination

And a little compassion

And a little love

And a little willingness.


I don’t think that’s beyond our capability.

In fact, I know with all my heart

That we can do this.


And we’re going to do this.


So I don’t care about your stories anymore

Unless they tell of the future

That we would both love to live in.


These are the stories that have power.

The power to create a new reality.

This I can promise.


And so I take my courage in my hands

And I declare

That I am living the new story

And I invite you to join me

So we can create it together.


I only know a little part of it

But I’m sure you know another part

And our friends will know other parts

And together we’ll speak it into being.


That’s living.


That’s worth being here for.


That’s calling me deeply

So I can let go of the nightmares we’ve created

And live the dreams 

That are in creation


What is your story?


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