Creating a New Narrative

Creating A New Narritive Wp

I know of only one way to change my life if I don’t like what’s happening or where it’s heading.

Create a new narrative and then live it as fully as I can. It isn’t always easy and it can get messy along the way, but it works. At times it’s miraculous.

If you read my last blog, Enough Is Enough, you’ll know how important it is to start telling new stories that lead us to a world we’d love to be living in.

This is the greatest challenge of our time. It’s not the pandemic or climate change or even pollution. It’s the challenge to dream a better future and make space in our lives for it to actually happen. That’s what human beings do and it’s the only effective way I’ve come across to solve today’s problems.

I’m going to run a series of free webinars on this topic, starting next week, so please join me if you want to learn more:

And here’s a two minute video that gives you very precise instructions so you can get started right away.


More Resources

If you feel as if you’re in a pressure cooker right now, here’s a short video I made with my friend, David Router, that will help you release the stress and forceful energy that’s coming from your environment and creating the pressure.

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