Eight Questions About Purpose

Eight Questions About Purpose Wp
What is purpose?

Purpose is a deep aligning principle that helps you make sense of your life. It is a way of selecting which of the multitude of events of your life to focus on, pay attention to and create meaning around. It’s also a way to tune out of events by making them irrelevant or unimportant.

Where does purpose come from?

Your sense of purpose derives from many different threads, or storylines, in your life. Some of these storylines have emerged from previous life experiences which produced a strong desire for a new, more evolved experience. Others emerge from the environment in which you grew up. Yet others are a product of the global energy field at the time, which has a zeitgeist effect. Your personal purpose is the weaving together of the storylines into a coherent thread that runs through your current life experience.

How important is it?

It is as important as you decide to make it. It is your way of creating meaning. It doesn’t have any more holy significance than any other part of your life, unless you decide that it has.

Having a strong sense of purpose provides a particular experience of your life unlike any other. It gives you an aligning principle which helps to make decisions, clarify your direction and interpret events.

You can’t therefore say it is either important or not important. It is up to you to decide how important it is. Every part of life is important, because it’s part of life. It can’t be anything else. A person with a strong purpose is no more or less important than a person with little or no sense of purpose. They are merely having a different experience.

If we choose to align with purpose how can we become clear what it is?

Look for key threads in your life that you’ve chosen to make significant. Weave them together into a coherent story. Use the story to align your decisions. Read the feedback and adjust your story.
Having a purpose is a way of feeling good. It’s not the only way. Nor is it necessary. It is a choice that can create a beautiful experience if you take it lightly. It helps to make sense of challenging experiences and gives you the freedom to create any meaning you want. Let it be an expression of freedom.

How does purpose link with depression?

When a person feels depressed they’re telling a story that their life has no purpose. It is neither a true story nor an untrue story. Purpose is a choice. There are many people who have no significant sense of purpose beyond fulfilling their stage of life, for example earning a living, being a parent, or being a child, who are not depressed. Equally there are people who have a sense of purpose and feel depressed about it.

Why do so many people feel drawn to purpose?

That is a combination of the current energy field with the past histories of people. At a time when so much information is available, and you have more freedom of choice than before, it becomes important to have a way of aligning your decisions around a central story so you’re not overwhelmed by the number of choices you’re faced with every day.

If we’re drawn to expressing purpose, how can we do that effectively?

Like any human skill, it takes dedication and practice to become very capable in it. You need to take time to reflect on the core patterns of your life and shape a narrative that feels true and fulfilling to you personally.

This is an ongoing activity rather than a one-off exercise. Your sense of purpose evolves over time. You create a story and observe how your sense of purpose emerges through your life events. Then you keep reshaping and reforming the story so it meets your personal need for a sense of fulfilment.

Why is it easier for some people to connect with purpose?

Some people experience very diverse threads in their life, so it’s difficult to align them into a defining narrative. Others have threads, or storylines, that naturally and easily form into a single, consistent thread so they appear to have a stronger sense of purpose if they choose to pay attention to it. This is part of the range of human expression. There is no superiority or inferiority, simply different choices and different expressions of life.

In conclusion

Purpose is a choice. It is an expression of freedom. Cultivate it only if it feels good to you.

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