Self-Assessment of Your Relationship With Money

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Many people tell me they’ve never thought about their relationship with money before, even though they’ve been busy with money since childhood. 

It’s a very different dynamic when you relate to money, rather than just using, making or spending it. You start to look at how you respond emotionally to it and you also have to consider what you contribute to the relationship as well as what you take from it. 

I often hear stories where people describe money like a neighbour they’ve ignored for 20 years; or never invited to dinner; or never had a friendly word with. It can be shocking when you realise how you treat money, and of course, it directly affects your finances and your business as well. It’s all connected.

I’ve recently created a brand-new self-assessment called The Money Scorecard, where you can get a score on your relationship with money, based on four core aspects: 

  1. Money
    How you connect with money emotionally
  2. Work
    How you approach and relate with your work
  3. Purpose
    How clear your sense of purpose is and how aligned it is with your way of making money
  4. Organisation
    How practical and well-organised you are in your personal finances

The purpose of it is to give you some perspective on your relationship with money and where you can best invest in improving it. It’s a self-assessment you can repeat from time to time so you can monitor your progress.

It’s a great starting point for the next step in your relationship with money. It takes around 7 minutes to complete 40 questions. You’ll receive an overall score as well as a score on each of the four core aspects and you’ll receive a personalised PDF report by email when you complete it. 

Take The Money Scorecard now.

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