Do You Have Any Idea How Much I Do for You?

051. Do You Have Any Idea How Much I Do For You

It’s so easy to take them for granted – the other people in your life.

Maybe you work really hard, running a business, sacrificing your time and energy to create a great lifestyle for your family, or your employees.

Maybe you work really hard, taking care of the kids, organising the family and making sure everyone is physically and emotionally stable and secure.

When everything’s going well it’s all fine, but the minute you’re not feeling great it’s easy to start looking at the sacrifices. You get caught in thinking about how much you’re doing and how much you’ve had to give up to do what you do every day. Before you know it, you’ve become a martyr and you no longer see anything clearly.

If you have a tendency to feel hard done by, take a moment to appreciate what other people are doing for you.

Look at your partner and appreciate all the ways they support and help you on a daily basis.

If your partner is the one who makes the money, notice how hard they work and how much they have to do every single day to keep the money flowing in your family.

If your partner is the one who cares for the kids, notice how much energy and love they have to put in every day, often when they don’t feel like it at all.

If they do both appreciate them even more. That’s a challenge, whichever way you look at it.

It’s so easy to see what you’re doing and sometimes so hard to appreciate what someone else is doing, especially if it’s a different kind of work.

What you appreciate appreciates. It’s a simple way to shift the dynamics of a relationship and it works in the office just as well as at home.  

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