Back to Basics – It’s All About Health

093. Back To Basics It's All About Health

I know a man who loves his car. It always looks good, of course – shiny on the outside and immaculately clean on the inside. But I know he also makes sure it’s always serviced on time and if there’s the slightest hint of something wrong he gets it fixed very quickly.

I know many men (and women too) who don’t seem to love themselves as much as that guy loves his car. And especially they don’t seem to love their bodies very much. Certainly they don’t keep their bodies in anything like the shape they could. And they’re not that hot on servicing or maintenance either.

The funny thing is that some people drive their bodies as if they’re very fast cars. But the biggest thing I notice about very very fast cars is that they get more frequent maintenance than any others. In a Formula One race each car has at least two pit stops.

I have a friend who thinks of entrepreneurs like elite athletes. In fact, you’re likely to keep going many years longer if you’re in business than if you’re an athlete. You’re constantly required to perform at your peak. You’re under frequent pressure. You have significant responsibilities. And it’s very likely you have a family as well.

So what about that body? It carries you around all day every day. It allows you to feel and express emotions. It works hard. It gives you your peak experiences – as well as your most miserable.

I’m just wondering if your pit stops are highly tuned and optimised experiences to ensure you have the best possible experience of life? Or are they more akin to leaving your beautiful, fast car with the local cheap mechanic only when it stops working?

It’s pretty bewildering these days, with all the options available, to know how to take care of your health. But there’s one thing I know. If you love yourself, and the body you live in, you’re going to do everything you can to find out how to look after it.

If a man can love a car that much, it’s definitely possible for you to love your body.

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