An Invitation To The New Consciousness

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I’m inviting you to taste a delicious way of being and living. It’s a call from the future into a life you know deep in your essence, but you may have found hard to create.

There’s a new consciousness establishing itself on our planet. It’s very light, super-creative and intrinsically aligned with life. You may have already felt it or dreamed of it. We didn’t have full access to it until recently, but now it’s here. It’s unfolding day by day, drawing us into itself, giving us a new way of operating.

This new consciousness comes with challenges.

The first, and most uncomfortable, is that it makes our old familiar consciousness feel clumsy and unpleasant. Once you touch the new way of being, doing things the old way can leave you out of sorts, misaligned or out of sync with your own life.

It takes time to adjust to this new, lighter approach to life. Here’s how it’s been so far for me.

Things I used to want don’t appeal as much as they once did. Simplicity is becoming more appealing. Beauty and enjoyment are essential now to keeping in touch with my true self.

One of the most surprising awakenings for me has been a deep recognition, through direct experience, of energy circulating between me and life. One day, I started to sense that life is grateful to me for being here, as part of itself. It was grateful I was showing up. Sensing this, I felt such safety and trust inside me that it was easy to be grateful in return. I let go of feeling grateful for all the good things in my life and opened up to a much deeper, richer gratitude for life itself.

This circulating energy is sweet and natural. And it shows how very painful it is to live without a deep inner knowing that life appreciates us.

Another thing I’ve awakened to is how little I knew, despite all my experience. Life is continually showing me there’s so much more. This is the nature of the new consciousness – continually unfolding and expanding, revealing itself gently and beautifully as we allow ourselves to tune into it and come into alignment with it.

This is a very new world.

There’s no room for force here or pushing people around by manipulating their fear. There’s also no room for the accumulation of anything – wealth, knowledge, or influence.

Our wealth, knowledge and influence flow directly from life, not from past achievements. Our focus is to stay connected, present and very alive. In that state we attract all forms of prosperity, our knowledge expands, and our influence grows benignly from day to day.

I found this consciousness by exploring the consciousness of money.

I came to realise that money is an energy that’s very much alive. This means I can connect with it and relate to it – an idea I would have found very novel just 10 years ago.

I discovered that money is far from a neutral energy that reflects my own behaviour towards it, for good or evil. Instead, it revealed itself as an energy that is endlessly, generously loving, regardless of what I do with it.

And that has changed everything.

I shared money’s message in a book called Love Money, Money Loves You, and a few years ago began deeply exploring its teachings. The result continues to be, without question, the most beautiful experience of my life.

It has brought me in touch with energy that’s so exquisite, I never imagined I would be able to feel it myself.

I enables me, increasingly, to live a life of true enjoyment and fulfilment, without needing to convince myself that it’s better than it really is.

It’s brought a love of simplicity and a feeling for beauty that I didn’t have before, in the richness of my complex mind.

And, step by step, it’s showing me how to love where before I still had judgement and rejection. The process hasn’t been miraculous – quite the opposite. It’s as if I’m in some highly structured program, designed perfectly to fit me, that’s showing me, exceptionally gently but also very firmly, how to love what I don’t love.

That means I’m exploring how to love myself, including the parts I genuinely don’t like. How to love parts of my life that I thought I loved but realize now I didn’t love at all. And how to love people who don’t behave in the way I’d like them to.

This part isn’t easy to do. It’s not even easy to talk about. But the feelings it brings are so soft and expansive and all-pervasive, that I can’t imagine stopping now. I’m happy to have the opportunity to be in the new consciousness, tasting it, experiencing it, getting to know it and exploring how to live by it.

That’s why I’m inviting you to share it with me.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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