A snapshot of the future

A Snapshot Of The Future

Just imagine this – it could become real.

It is part of the corporate culture that everyone needs quality energy every day if they are going to do a good job. People in these companies are highly valued and their health and wellbeing contributes to the triple bottom line profitability.

There are centres on every floor of every large corporate building where people can come to recharge and rejuvenate their energy on a daily basis. This is encouraged, expected or even required by the company because it keeps profits high. It is quite normal to see people relaxing deeply for a while every day, with an ever more sophisticated range of music, lightshows, massages and other treatments available at all times to boost and maintain the corporate energy.

There are also a range of facilities for educating people about energy, including an online academy with round the clock classes and courses that people can pick and choose from. Some of them are pre-recorded and others are delivered live. People enrol on courses regularly because studying life has become more fashionable that studying the old academic subjects. People want to learn how to handle their emotions, health and relationships when they are young, because it seems pointless to make as many mistakes as their parents did in these areas.  Private consultations are used to solve all personal problems because companies recognise that it is a waste of time for people to have problems that cut down their productivity.

The senior management team starts every day with a rejuvenation session with a senior coach. Sessions run all through the day to ensure that the majority of staff are covered. It is virtually unheard of for employees in these companies to be off sick or to have colds and flu. If anyone feels a little under the weather they wouldn’t dream of staying at home or going to bed. They show up for extra rejuvenation to make sure they recover instantly and do not waste any time.

And no-one sees this ever increasing productivity as a way that the companies are using or abusing their employees. People enjoy working because their work provides them with meaning and contribution. Their increased energy means they are much happier than they used to be. Work is a place where they collaborate with other people to serve their community, as well as provide themselves with an income, and this is more fun than doing nothing or being free to do whatever you want all the time.

I could go on – or you can add to it in the comments below.


Photo by Photos Hobby on Unsplash

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