A prayer for humankind

A Prayer For Humankind

In my prayer I connect with the Source of all Creation, my Source, my inspiration, my life.

I pray with all my heart, all my soul and all my being for all humans everywhere.

I pray to lift us up, let us see the beauty of life, let us feel the unique experience we have been given.

I pray to let us experience joy, peace, love and happiness in our everyday life.

I pray for all our relationships, all our families and all our communities everywhere.
Let us connect with each other, understand one another and be at peace with all of us.
Let us recognise each person for who they really are – a child of Creation, a wave on the ocean of the universe – indivisible from me or from anyone else, or from anything else, anywhere. Indivisible even by time or distance.

We human beings are glorious beings of energy, light and divine inspiration.

We often are unable to see who we are or where we are and we fall down and hurt ourselves easily.
We often are unable to see other people for who they really are and we hurt each other because of our own pain and misunderstanding.
We often are unable to see our planet, our world and our universe for what it truly is and we treat it with disrespect and dishonour.

I pray with simplicity, humility and a deep request form my heart to help me be the best I can be. To see myself, other people and our world with clarity, respect and love. To treat myself, other people and the world with gentleness, kindness and forgiveness.

I forgive myself for all the pain I have caused myself and caused others. I did not know what I was doing and I am truly sorry.

I forgive all others who have caused me pain. They did not know what they were doing and I accept the many opportunities I  was give to learn through that pain.

I connect myself with all humans everywhere, knowing that we are all part of the same world and the same universe. I know that what I do to others I also do to myself, and what I do to myself I also do to others. So I promise to love myself and love others, respect myself and respect others, forgive myself and forgive others.

Whenever I feel I have failed, in any way, I will forgive myself and move forward, knowing that I cannot, in truth, make any mistake in life.
I am here to learn and I am grateful for the many opportunities I have every day of my life to learn how to live a more fulfilling life.

Thank you for this life of mine.

Thank you for this beautiful planet.

Thank you for all the people with whom I share my life and share our planet.

We are united, as human beings, as surely as we are alive. As I lift myself, I lift others.
As others lift themselves they lift us also. Let us lift ourselves and each other into the light, love and life we are truly entitled to.

So be it.

I am with you and you are with me, always.

We are all with you and you are with all of us always.

Thank you.


Photo by Ken LAU on Unsplash

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