2023 greeting

It feels like deeper transformation has been taking place in the run-up to this New Year than in any previous year. People are saying things to me like, “I can’t believe how fast I’m changing,” or “So much is shifting for me at the moment.”

On the surface of life, the change is barely apparent. The news continues with the same stories. Our major institutions stagger along. They don’t appear to be collapsing but it’s increasingly evident that there is little of value that is holding them together.

We are each being called to clarify our own deepest values and find practical ways to align with them and express them in the world. This pull is impossible to resist.

It may result in the feeling that your inner worlds are crashing into each other. You can no longer continue as you were before but you don’t know how to become the future version of yourself. The more you try to work it out with your head, the more stuck everything feels. And the more you try to let go of the past, the more emotional you feel.

Now is a time for looking forward, not backward. We are truly on the edge of the unknown. Neither you nor I know how to do this next stage of life. There is no formula or precedent.

That’s the good news.

For once, the people who appeared to have all the answers know as little as all the rest of us. Our mental models are inadequate for the task of shaping a beautiful future. Anything less than beautiful isn’t worth engaging with.

In a way, this is a very individual experience. Each one of us is facing our own dreams and aspirations and is exploring our own way of expressing life. But when you listen to others, you realise that they are experiencing something so similar that you’re not alone at all. There is a collective evolution underway that we each process in a deeply personal way. The challenge is that many of our inner ways of working are also evolving very rapidly. Ways that have worked well for so long feel as if they aren’t much help anymore.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, that is part of what I’m describing:

  • Vision boards have lost their appeal. It’s hard to connect with a vision of the future that feels deeply resonant. Your vision feels blurry or vague.
  • The more you let go and release old stories, old energy, old habits, old beliefs, the more emotional you become. Then you let go of even more but it feels like a rollercoaster that never ends.
  • You meditate or use other time-honoured ways of connecting with your higher nature or a divine source but if you’re really honest with yourself, your life isn’t getting better. You may try to meditate or connect more/deeper/longer, but it doesn’t make the difference it should.

So what to do now?

You still need vision. You still need to let go. You still need to connect.

There is an energy of the future world that is deeply resonant for you and your soul. It’s a beautiful world. You know it through your whole being. It draws you towards itself on an unbreakable thread of attraction. Once you taste that energy, you naturally look for more of it.

This energy is far more powerful than any vision board. It includes all the resources you need to live a rich, fulfilling life, perfectly suited to you, but there’s so much more. It’s not just about you what you want for yourself, your family or your business. It’s the future calling you towards your greater expression, contributing in your unique way to the well-being and evolution of life.

This vision isn’t clear in all its details. There’s so much you don’t know of and can’t imagine yet that is possible for you and those around you. There are so many beautiful life expressions that emerge when you let go of doing it all yourself and allow life to live through you. Being in touch with this vision is tender, sometimes tentative, and always exquisite. It fulfils itself in each moment and gives you patience for the future to emerge. It connects you with your soul’s longing for real life.

Letting go
There is a letting go that happens naturally as you move towards this clear, yet undefined vision. It’s no longer driven by the need to eliminate aspects of yourself that you dislike. It’s simply that as you’re drawn towards a more beautiful world, older parts of your life drop away naturally, just as they were always supposed to. There’s no big drama. The new comes in and the old leaves.

This way of letting go enables you to keep moving forward. You no longer need to stop to do a process to let go of your old baggage. As you move towards a more resonant, beautiful world, some habits, behaviours and beliefs are discarded because they’re no longer useful. It’s like throwing away your old worn out shoes when you replace them with new shoes.

It’s important to remember that throwing away your old shoes before you buy new shoes is not sensible.

There are ways of connecting to your higher nature and/or a divine source that are deeply nourishing and have a direct, beneficial impact on your life. It’s easy to recognise this kind of connection because you experience many synchronicities and miracles as well as a sense of personal agency in your life. It’s a combination of you having the power to shape your life and receiving beautiful gifts from life that you couldn’t have orchestrated on your own.

It feels like life is coming towards you. There’s no need for you to go out of yourself to reach some external source. You stay centred in yourself, as a tiny part of the whole of life. There is also no need to strive to be someone different. You’re changing because you’re alive and moving towards a more beautiful world.

2023 is the year for this more beautiful world to become more visible.

We paid so much attention for the last few years to parts of the world that were more nightmarish than beautiful. But a nightmare cannot unite people to move forward in creative collaboration. Quite the opposite.

If you want to be part of the extraordinary evolution that is currently underway, I invite you to pay attention to the emerging more beautiful world. You will see it, if you’re curious about it.

Let go of needing clarity, or needing to be ready for it, or needing to be purified, or needing to be someone else. The attraction of this world, which is similar for all of us, but also slightly different for each of us, is so strong that it will provide you with everything you need to be able to experience it fully.

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