The Great Sifting

sifting gems from sand

We are in the middle of a great sifting. You may experience that many old thoughts, habits and ways of being are leaving you very quickly. It feels like you can’t go back to those ways ever again, even though you may have relied on them for many years until very recently. It can be disorientating if you don’t know what’s going on.

Some people are experiencing thoughts that sound like, “I can’t go on any more,” or “I don’t want to keep going like this any more.” These aren’t signs that you are having suicidal thoughts. They are parts of you that no longer have currency in your life. They are telling the truth about themselves. They really can’t go on any more. It may feel sad, as if you’re losing a very familiar part of yourself. You are, but this is part of the great sifting.

We are in a period of very rapid evolution. There is a lot of new energy coming into the energy field of earth, which is upgrading us. If you don’t recognise this, it can feel as if you have no idea which way is forwards and which way is backwards. Familiar ways of being and acting are increasingly feeling irrelevant or simply don’t work any more, but you may not yet know how to replace them with new ways.

This is especially challenging in business.  Many people are reporting that things they have done for years don’t work any more. It’s tempting to keep trying the same thing over and over again in the hope that it will work again eventually. But the difficult part of this kind of upgrade is that the old ways will not work again. We are moving into new ways of doing business, and you will have to find what works in this new world, whether it’s easy for you or not.

It’s becoming ever more important to listen. You’ll find yourself needing to listen to yourself (especially your inner or deeper self) more than ever before; also the people who are closest to you; and you’ll find yourself needing to listen to life’s more subtle signals, that will help you navigate today’s territory.

This isn’t just listening with your ears. It’s listening with your soul and your whole being. It requires great concentration and a commitment to hearing what’s being communicated at a level you may never have been aware of before. The better you are at deep listening, the easier it becomes to find your way. There will be subtle signals that show you which direction to take, when to relax, when to take action and how to move forward. You will miss these signals if you’re too noisy or too busy. Then you can spend years wandering around looking for the way, but it’s as if the signposts are in a foreign language that you haven’t bothered to learn.

This world is easier for highly sensitive people, as long as your subtle sense are switched on and activated. If you were heavily shut down in the past, your sensitivity will need to be realigned first before you can use the beautiful skills and gifts you have potential access to.

I don’t believe we have ever experienced such fast evolution in our lifetimes so far. It’s a beautiful preparation for the energy of 2023 which is very future-focused and a time for new systems to emerge. We need this great sifting so our lives become simpler and more essential for the powerful year ahead.

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