2017. Let’s Start It with Love

2017 is going to be a year of fast manifestation*. That means that what you think about will happen more quickly than before. This is great news if you’re loving the life you’re living and happy to manifest more of it. It’s more challenging if you’re not too happy with what’s showing up right now. The problem with fast manifestation is that it’s fast whether it’s positive or negative.

Working on your mindset is a very hard way to prevent self sabotage. The thoughts that arise from your subconscious are powerful and virtually impossible to control so you have to keep on top of them all the time. Most people find this extremely demanding and ineffective.

It’s also unnatural. You end up forcing yourself and forcing energy which has challenging consequences because it creates more and more force. You have to work harder and harder with your mind and in the end you implode, give up or try to run away from yourself.

But there’s another much gentler way. It’s natural and it works without the effort of trying to control an unruly mind. This is the way of LOVE. When you experience more love, your experience of life becomes much more benign. You feel good about yourself and everything that’s happening to you.

When you’re experiencing love it affects everything. You love yourself, your family, your work, your life and the world we live in. It is a state of being or a state of consciousness, not a feeling or a thought. And it’s so pervasive, so kind, so gentle, that it infuses all aspects of your life.

But it’s frustrating if you’re struggling to experience this kind of love. If you ever feel not good enough, unworthy, undeserving or disconnected you’ve lost touch with love.

So how do you “learn” something that’s so natural, so innate in human beings and yet so elusive.

Love isn’t something you can learn with your head. You can read the books over and over again; you can talk about love; you can believe in it and you can try to be more loving. But often you end up frustrated and disappointed with yourself as you get irritated with your family or angry at the world.

I only know of one way to expand my experience of love. And that’s to share it with others. I found a few years ago, when I decided I needed to explore what love really is, that it’s a state we can share with each other. It’s a subtle action that comes from inside you that’s part of being human. And when you share it, which has very little to do with personal relationships or intimacy, but is all about your humanity and your purpose, it grows.

I’d like to start 2017 with more love so I’m going to run a very special program where the only focus is love. It will be a space where you can experience love directly as an inner state of being. it will also be a chance to explore the gentlest and most powerful way of letting go of self sabotage that I’ve ever found.

The aim is simply for each participant to experience more love. This means you will love your life more, your family, yourself and everything you are.

I will not be teaching techniques, because love has nothing to do with technique. it is a state that every human being can experience. But sometimes you need someone to help you open up to it, to remind you of who you really are and to point out the way. This is much easier in a group because each member helps all the others. After all love is experienced by sharing.

I’m offering this program because it’s a beautiful thing for all of us. I love to watch a person’s face when they start to allow themselves to love more. So many people have starved themselves of the very essence of life in their search for success, happiness and fulfilment.

I’ve worked with many individuals over the last few years, gently showing the way to experience more love in their lives. I’ve seen families transform, relationships heal, individuals grow and businesses flourish. Love touches everything you are and everything you do. There’s nothing that love cannot reach.

This is the first tIme I’ve run a course solely about love. It will be a tender, beautiful experience at times. There will also be challenges that arise out of the human tendency to judge, criticise and reject, but these challenges are all melted by love.

The biggest breakthrough will simply be if you can allow yourself to love instead of having to prove yourself right. This is where most people fall down. It’s where most arguments start. It’s where you most often cut yourself off from yourself, in your absolute determination to prove yourself.

Love has nothing to prove and everything to give. It comes from a generosity of spirit that you can access deep inside you and it dissolves conflict, unites and heals – always.

I invite you to join me in an exploration of love. It will change all of us.

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