Working Light

Working Light (1)

At a recent event I came up with the concept of working light as an alternative to working hard or working smart. Since then I’ve recorded a series of energy activations exploring this as it was a new way of experiencing work.

Here are the keys to working light:

  1. Grounding
    It’s essential to be grounded and to stay grounded. You may need to ground your energy several times throughout the day. Strangely enough, grounding can make you feel physically heavier initially, but the overall result is to make you lighter. Grounding is more than walking barefoot on the earth. It’s a way of connecting deeply into the Earth which activates your energy and also helps you feel at home in your own body and in your life. Many people who feel disconnected or different from others (misfit, alien, not belonging anywhere) are simply not grounded.
  2. Relaxation
    If you want to work light relaxation is at the heart of it. To be able to relax deeply at any time, whatever you’re doing, is a great gift. It’s also a skill that takes daily practice. In my experience it’s the most important skill in all personal and spiritual development, and it underpins all other related skills and abilities. When you relax you naturally receive fresh energy and you let go of old energy. This keeps you feeling good all the time. It also keeps your system clean. It’s essential if you want to  be able to respond in a crisis, make challenging decisions or turn around a situation that’s going the wrong way. By relaxation I do not mean having a glass of wine, watching TV or reading a book. It’s a way of doing nothing that opens up your subtle energy system and makes you more alive.
  3. Clarity
    As you ground and relax you’ll find a clarity emerging in your mind. It’s feels like the old Chinese image of man being the link between Heaven and Earth. Your mind is poised for action, present and very clear, but it’s only active when needed. It’s no longer trying to run the show. Your energy is centred in your lower belly – your centre of gravity – and your head is quiet. If you start thinking about something in the old way (analysing, processing, problem-solving) your energy instantly leaps up into your head and the clarity disappears. You’ll need to ground and relax again to allow the clarity to emerge naturally.

As you practise this inner position you’ll discover that when you make your work all about you, it quickly becomes heavy and you need to work hard or smart. If you let go of the need to prove yourself or be the centre of attention all the time, you create space for a lightness to arise. It will take time and take plenty of practise to master, but the rewards are great. 

Working light is key to experiencing ease, grace and flow. Many results will happen almost without your involvement at all. You’ll feel as though life is supporting you secretly and doing favours for you. People will give you more help than you’ve experienced when you were working hard or smart. 

And this leads gradually to joyful work. 

Here’s the recording of an energy activation called Working Light. It will lead you into a direct experience of this very special energy.


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