What is an inner technology?

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There’s a new technology we’re hearing more and more about. I first learned of it around the year 2000 and it sounded very strange in those days. We called it “life technology”. I now use the expression “inner technology”. I see inner technologies as an advanced way for human beings to learn, grow and develop themselves, and therefore to be able to solve more problems. It’s a step beyond machine technology and traditional mind-based learning.

The word technology is rooted in the Greek word, tekhnologia, which means systematic treatment. Tekhne in ancient Greek means art, skill or craft and logos literally means word or speech. Essentially technology has come to mean a way we apply scientific (ie systematic) knowledge to solve practical problems. We often think of it today in terms of machines, but it’s much broader that that. Books are a form of technology. So are children’s toys, including old-fashioned wooden bricks, not just the ipads and other IT based toys.

So a technology is a tool that helps you do something. It increases your capability and makes life easier or enables you to solve problems that weren’t previously solvable. It’s practical and useful. Technologies often become more sophisticated and sensitive as they develop. For example you can do far more with a phone now that 50 years ago. Medical technology has become way more sensitive than the early devices.

With inner technology it’s the human being who becomes more sophisticated and more sensitive instead of a machine. Instead of putting your power into physical technology, you develop your own capability. Essentially it’s a way of changing your inner state that produces outer results. When you develop yourself to an advanced level through inner technology, you can learn how to do things that aren’t possible for machines or for normal people using normal abilities.

How does inner technology work?

If you walk into an extremely relaxing environment you don’t have to think about or practise relaxing. You relax naturally because of the environment. If you watch a horror movie you don’t have to think about anything scary to make you scared. The music, images, story and special effects all combine to produce fear inside you. If you’re like me (ie not good with horror movies) hearing a strange noise in the house would make me jump out of my skin because I’m already afraid and it then affects everything around me.

Inner technology is an extension of this principle. When you create a specific internal environment it produces external change directly. If you create a relaxed feeling inside you, your whole life feels more relaxed, even if nothing has actually changed. But the interesting thing is that if you continue to feel relaxed your life continues to feel relaxed and that results in tangible, external change. Things start to happen differently than if you’d stayed tense. This is the fundamental principle of natural healing.

It’s well documented now in brain science that we influence our bodies and therefore our health and wellbeing directly. The same applies as much to our relationships and our businesses. The interesting thing for me is how we can use inner technology to produce results that would take a lot longer or be impossible using more traditional approaches.

How can we use inner technology to effect change?

There are many different ways of doing this. Meditation, relaxation, visualisation and prayer can all be inner technologies – depending on how they’re done. You can immerse yourself in a sound bath (I’ve never tried it myself) or listen to music that changes your mood. You can also learn how to talk, think and feel in ways that shift your inner state of being and result in changes in your outer reality.

I was trained for many years in inner technology, using a specific approach called energy transmission. Chinese Masters have taught this for generations, mostly now hidden away in the mountains or escaped overseas, where there’s more freedom to use this powerful technique. I’ve used it in all my work since the late 90s. People sometimes don’t realise and they think I’m teaching the old way. This means they want to write notes and remember everything I say. This is missing the point. Change happens directly because when we work together I create an environment, called an energy field, which influences you from the inside.

It might sound spooky, as if I can control how you feel. It’s not like that at all. Through the transmission of energy I’m able to help you relax, open your mind to new ways of looking at things and experience more love or joy or whatever you want. I don’t send my energy to anyone. You don’t need that. I help you to find and access the energy that’s right for you.

Once you’re tuned into that energy it will change how you feel, which in turn will change how you think and talk. From these changes you change your life. Whatever you need to shift starts from the inside. Sometimes it’s called an inside out approach. Many people are surprised how much can change as a result of this type of inner shift. It doesn’t make sense to the mind, but it’s hard to deny the evidence when it happens.

How I use inner technology

The main way I’ve developed energy transmission is through my energy relaxations and energy activations. These are audio experiences, each on a different topic, that immerse you in an energy that changes your inner state. When you’ve finished listening you feel different on the inside and different things happen to you as a result.

A simple example is that someone who was very annoyed with you before now smiles at you. Another example is that a payment that’s been blocked for a while gets paid once you relax. You can’t be sure they’re connected. Maybe it could have happened anyway. But when it happens frequently it becomes more and more clear that when you change your inner state your outer experience changes too.

I think of my daily energy activations as a gym for the consciousness. Each day the participants stretch and strengthen their energy and consciousness in a different direction (depending on the topic). Over time this builds up a huge reservoir of inner resilience, skill, adaptability, flexibility, agility, strength and relaxation. It also enables them to relax, meditate and learn all at the same time, so it’s super efficient.

Powerful conversation as an inner technology

There’s another way that I use inner technology, which is through conversation. Essentially everything you think about, feel or talk about affects your inner state. If you talk about negative stuff you feel more and more negative and over time you’ll discover that your life also becomes more negative. Equally, if you think and talk about the same things every day you’re likely to find your life feels very static as if nothing ever changes. This is especially the case when you get very focused on problems. It’s amazing how many more problems can get created once you get stuck in a problem mindset.

It works the same for creating a brighter future. You can virtually talk it into existence. Of course there’s a lot of skill involved in this, otherwise we’d do it effectively all the time, but it’s quite astonishing what you can do with a powerful, creative conversation. I’ve seen it change businesses, families and physical bodies in a matter of days. Even big changes can take place far more quickly than usual, if you learn how this inner technology really works.

I believe this is one of the most exciting developments for human beings in a time of very rapid evolution of machine technology. If you want to have a good relationship with machines and other people, it’s important that you develop yourself beyond where you are now. Learning how to use inner technology opens up the path to unlimited possibilities for your own development and contribution. And the great thing about it is that using inner technology makes you feel good. It’s a lighter technology than using machines and IT. The more relaxed and happier you are, the more skillful you become. And it’s extremely useful in business.

If you want to take the next step in developing your inner tech ability here are some options for you, all based on energy transmission.

  1. For complete beginners: The 5 Day Energy Charge
  2. Next step after the 5 Day Energy Charge: The 30 Day Energy Challenge
  3. The step after The 30 Day Energy Challenge: Thank You Money

​If you’ve done some meditation or relaxation before, the daily Energy Activations are my “gym for the consciousness” (see above). 

I record them live at 6am QLD time, 7 days a week. They’re also on Facebook Live on my group page. There are around 300 recordings so far, each on a different topic, so you can scroll through them and find one you’re interested in at any time.

Sign up here to join in (it’s free): 
Some topics I’ve covered recently include:
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And if you ever have any questions, please just email me.


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