103. Ocean Of Value

There is a deep, dark, cool place within you where you know value. It’s a well of infinite depth that is still. It connects you to the ocean of value that lies within life itself.

When you know value, you know the wealth of life. Appreciation and gratitude are the natural expressions of value. Integrity, or wholeness, is the feeling of knowing value.

There are no questions here about price. Value has no cost. It has no gain and no loss. It is eternal, abiding and available.

When you lose touch with value you feel lost. Depression is common. You know you’re looking for it because you ask questions like, “What is my value?” “Am I doing enough?” “What is my worth?” But however you answer the questions, you never feel satisfied. You’re left with a constantly shifting hunger for something unnameable.

You’ll find value when you allow yourself to explore the deeper, darker realms of your inner self. There are no sparkling lights here. No glitter. No hint of levity.

But there is great, expansive beauty. There is deep knowing. There is a well that lasts forever, with water that is clear, clean and abundant.

Knowing value brings peace. It frees you to do your work without concern for reward. It enables you to function on the surface of life with deep roots into your foundation of value.

Value is intrinsic in every human being and every element of life. It cannot be divided into pieces. It doesn’t need to be shared because we are all sharing it already. You can’t create it because it already exists. You can’t add it to something because that thing already has it.

When you know value you are in awe of it. You express it through your actions. People come to know it more deeply because of who you are and how you live your life.

It is an unstoppable source of depth, commitment and power that lies within our collective experience. It holds all of life together because the chains of value between different parts of life cannot be broken or unlinked.

As we search for value in our self-expression and our businesses we’re searching for the deep ocean that already lies within us.

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