To people struggling with chronic pain

To People Struggling With Chronic Pain

I want to share a small piece of information about pain that is the key to healing. If you suffer from pain you may be sick of empty promises about healing, but this is a way to heal pain that people rarely seem to understand, even when they have worked with many very experienced healers. It is not a technique. It is an understanding of what causes pain and what pain really is. With this understanding you can heal chronic pain that you have been suffering from for years. First of all let’s get clear about the healing process, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. Stories about miracles in the Bible have left many people with the impression that healing is an instantaneous event. Whilst this is possible, and happens from time to time, most people take time to heal, and that is a good thing. My understanding and experience of healing has shown that all disease is fundamentally caused by what we think, feel and expect.  Much of this is subconscious, so you may not be aware of how it is happening. Even modern medicine is increasingly recognising the emotional causes of most western health problems, from cancer and heart disease to all the chronic health problems that we commonly suffer form including asthma, IBS and digestive disorders, blood pressure and circulatory disorders, thyroid and hormonal problems, the problems that no one can help including Chronic Fatigue (ME), fibromyalgia and many problems that cannot even be diagnosed. If you want to prevent a problem from recurring it is very important to learn the kind of healthy emotional behaviour and lifestyle that will make sure you never suffer from that problem again. In this case a more gradual healing process that gives you time to learn new ways of behaving is extremely valuable. So let’s look at the energy of pain. Life is essentially a flow of energy throughout the universe and our bodies are part of that flow. When we are tense in any area of the body the flow of energy to that part is restricted. Tension usually comes from worry, stress or negative thinking that causes negative emotions. When that tension builds up over a long period (and this may start very early in life), and the energy flow is restricted or slowed down withough any chance to rebalance, a blockage in the energy builds up (somewhat similar to a blocked drain). This blockage will eventually manifest as sickness or dysfunction, and pain may be one of the symptoms. It’s important to understand that the body has a natural ability to heal and rebalance itself. That’s why cuts heal and we recover naturally from colds, flu and other illnesses. This rebalancing occurs through the constant flow of fresh energy through the body (like fresh water running through a drain). The fresh energy is constantly wearing down the old stuck energy to remove the blockage and re-establish balance. Where there is strong resistance (ie the blocked energy is very old/solid/hard) friction is created between the fluid new energy and the stuck old energy. This friction may be experienced as pain. It’s like the pressure of fresh water flowing down a drain and hitting a blockage.* Once you understand this description you can totally change your relationship with pain and then you will be able to heal it. Let’s look at the consequences of this understanding.

  1. Pain is not bad. Pain is occurring as a result of the natural healing process of the body. It is a sign that healing is taking place. It is more appropriate to be grateful for pain – it’s a sign that everything is working beautifully and recovery is on its way.
  2. Feeling negative about pain creates more pain. If you do not understand that pain is healing you will dislike or even be afraid of pain. This negative feeling creates more tension in the body, which restricts the flow of energy further, creates more blockages and will result in more need for healing and eventually more pain. Thus chronic pain is set in motion.
  3. If you want to release pain you need to increase the supply of fresh energy to the point that it breaks down the blockage completely and releases the friction. Then there will be no more pain. There may be an increase of pain during this process (more fresh energy = more friction = more pain) but it is temporary and it results in permanent healing.
  4. You increase the supply of fresh energy by relaxing. This may seem impossible if you are in pain, but it is not as difficult as it sounds.
    • The best and easiest way to do it that I know of is to become a member of Heart of Healing and join in our live and recorded healing relaxation sessions. It is far easier to relax when an expert is guiding you .
    • Otherwise take every opportunity to relax. Learn how to meditate so you can switch off worry and negative thinking, and do it every day – several times if the pain is severe. Read this article several times over to make sure you really understand the point. This will help you have less resistance to pain.

And smile a lot. It helps you relax! *If your pain is caused by an accident the principle is the same except that the flow of energy may have been broken or totally disrupted rather than blocked. The new fresh energy is still constantly in the process of rebalancing and restoring the flow.

You are welcome to email me at any questions about pain or any aspect of healing.

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