The Game of Life

The Game Of Life
The Game of Separation

It’s a game of separation, imagining that we are independent of each other. When you play this game, you believe you can hide yourself from others. You have secrets. You collect things for yourself. You believe that if you get something, someone else loses. You’re afraid of dying because you will lose what’s yours and has given meaning to your life.

When you play this game, you become competitive. You may be a winner or a loser. There are very few winners and many losers. Whenever you lose, you can either choose to try harder to win next time and make other people into the losers, or you can accept that you’re a loser and shrink a little.

In the game of separation, you can pretend a lot. You can pretend to be really well, when you’re feeling terrible. You can pretend to be happy when you’re actually sad. You can pretend you don’t care about winning or losing, when you care a lot. You can pretend that something matters a lot when it doesn’t, even to you. You can also pretend that things don’t matter when they matter a lot, especially to you.

You can pretend to be more powerful than you really are just because you have more of something than someone else. You can also pretend to be less powerful than you really are, just because you have less of something than someone else, even though you might have much more of something else than they have.

This is close to insanity. It’s not seeing what’s true in an extreme and irrational way. Most likely you pretend to yourself that you are not only sane and rational, but also right a lot of the time.

The game of separation allows us to hurt each other and be hurt by each other on a daily basis, without sorting it out or resolving it in any way. We swallow the pain and pass it onto someone else as though that’s the normal way. It also allows us to make decisions that benefit some and harm others and justify it in our minds as if it makes sense.

It doesn’t make sense.

What’s more, you and I both know that it doesn’t make sense AND WE KEEP ON DOING IT EVEN WHEN WE KNOW BETTER.

There’s another game we could play. It’s called the game of connection. We already know this game and it’s fun to play it.

The Game of Connection

When we play the game of connection we know that we are all part of the same thing. We know that everything we do affects every part of that thing we are part of. We know everything is shared between all of us, whether we recognize it or not. And we are aware that we are a part of a living, breathing earth in a living, breathing universe, connected with all of it.

When you play this game, you cooperate and collaborate with others, not because it will give you the best outcome, but because it’s what’s already happening, and pretending otherwise doesn’t make sense. You value each person including yourself totally and completely, regardless of who they are, what they do, how much they earn or how much they have.

This is easy because you see that life would not make sense without them. They are an intrinsic part of it and they are as important as a small stone or the sun or a blade of grass or a tree or a child or a president or a god.

In the game of connection you tell the truth, always. You. express how you feel exactly, knowing that today, this is your frequency, your tone, and it’s an intrinsic part of the music of the universe.

When something matters to you, you say so out loud. You listen to what matters to other people too. Together you explore what matters to all of you and to the world beyond your group. This way you come to understand each other’s unique perspectives. You take care of the wider world in your decisions. You unite around universal values and you’re willing to uplift yourself to become better at expressing them in your own life.

You know how powerful you really are as a conscious particle of the conscious universe. You recognize your creative contribution to all of life. As you make your personal choices every day you share yourself and what you have freely as do others. This means you give and you receive. This is the only way that makes sense and it is so clear to you.

The game of connection makes us kind to each other. We understand when someone is hurting and help them to heal, knowing that this heals all of us at the same time. We are generous because there is abundance and we want everyone to experience that. When we make decisions, we look for solutions to problems that benefit all. When we can’t see one, we look again until we can. This expands our capacity as human beings.

It makes sense.


Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

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